I'm Returning my Mac Pro

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26 Comments on “I'm Returning my Mac Pro”

  1. I really like the aesthetics of this machine. What if they made a budget consumer version compatible to the iMac pricing. Would it be worth it then?

  2. Apple equates to rip off people. Get it into your heads! Also thanks LTT for some of the most honest and fair reviews on the Internet!

  3. It comes down to price in the end. We all know what you can get PC wise for the crazy money Apple charges. And plus its AMD for the win nowdays, simple as.

  4. Apple shocked the world in 2007 with the announcement of the iPhone, it was amazing then and I had an iPhone 4, but it has essentially been the same product, user experience wise, for nearly 13 years with some HW/OS upgrades. Once they led, now they follow. Much like Microsoft crushed them with Windows, Android companies are crushing them now with innovation.

  5. ' "You don't need a desktop" – Apple'
    So, what, we're stuck with the proprietary crap of tablets and laptops without upgrade paths and a limitation on modularity controlled and directed with designed obsolescence? Fuck that, fuck Apple, hard pass.

  6. When Linus said horsepower, it suddenly came to me that it is not unusual for high-end PCs to exceed 1 horsepower in high load situations. Fabulous.

  7. You could buy alcohol bottle from supermarket or go to a high end bar and order a cocktail, there is a price difference in that .

  8. This is the second video from this guy where he doesn't address what's in the title AT ALL. That's sad, because I really do like his presentation and expansive hardware knowledge. But I can't abide having my chain yanked.

  9. 02:29 . Nope Nope. That's all i can take ew ew ew.

    Disgusting how much * did you have to suck for this video.

    Apple does not deserve a single nice word about them! They are a greedy corporation! , They might not be straight up evil as others(Activision cough). But they still STINK of scam.

    Also. That title is pure click and bait! Linus i think you are losing touch with your viewer base here buddy.

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