Intel's Dedicated Graphics – I'm skeptical…

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Intel's Dedicated Graphics - I'm skeptical... 1
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50 Comments on “Intel's Dedicated Graphics – I'm skeptical…”

  1. Is it bad that I use Intel instead of amd just because I can't tell which thing is better for amd because of the names

  2. How is this important? Integrated Vega creams this. With the budget that Intel has you should be really expecting a lot more than this trash.

  3. it feels great to get a Pulseway ad featuring Linus, on a video by Linus, which is also sponsored by Pulseway

  4. All that's needed now is for Intel to makes graphics cards and Nvidia to make processors and it'll be a level playing field.

  5. bruh my i3 4170 and GTX 1050 plus 20gb DDR3 ram i found in hard waste from 2013 can run everything better than this

  6. I know I'm not the first, but I just can't take them seriously every time I hear a Canadian "out" or "a boot" sounding in these vids.

    I'm really trying.

  7. Intel shelved Project Offset because Larrabee failed. I want Project Offset open-sourced and Offset Software revived.

  8. I watched a video yesterday and he had 9.94m subs, now it says 9.96m subs. Thats somewhere between 11,000 and 20,000 subs in roughly a 24 hour period 😳😳😳

  9. Mmm they have been at the idea multiple times before, why don't they just stick to what they do best…. processors. Why do they want to make a gpu, I mean more competition would be good for consumers sure. But they are not going to be blowing up Nvidia or AMD anytime soon, and then on the mobile market you have qualcomm whose new x5 chip with 5G could really be a tour de force for mobile products. So I'm really not sure where their going with this, good luck and all but your really up against it Intel.

  10. I'm not a big Intel fan, but I believe Intel would eventually reach up to AMD and nVidia standards GPU. This one may not be impressive, but I am still intrigued that they attempted to make one. If they keep advancing, we'll have 3 top end GPU brands.

  11. That is the most tragic case of Resting Asshole Face I've ever seen. This is what happens when Linus lets his anal gimp go on camera as a birthday gift.

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