iPhone SE 2 Name for $399 2020 iPhone All but Confirmed Now

Apple is expected to take the wraps off a new iPhone as soon as mid-March, with sales to begin later the same month or in early April.

And while we’ve heard a lot about this new iPhone model, what we still don’t know for sure is the name the Cupertino-based tech giant plans to use for this more affordable device, as pricing is expected to start at $399 for the base configuration.

Since it’s a successor to the iPhone SE, many believed it was supposed to be called iPhone SE 2, but a few months ago, sources familiar with the matter said Apple was also pondering baptizing this device iPhone 9.

But according to totallee, one rather popular iPhone case maker, the device will almost certainly launch as iPhone SE 2. At least, this is what the company suggests in a new entry presenting new “iPhone SE 2” cases that you can already purchase for $35.

iPhone SE 2 design

In addition to revealing the name of the new iPhone, this listing also confirms that the iPhone SE 2 would look pretty much the same as the iPhone 8, the device which it’s based on.

Bigger changes will take place under the hood though, as the iPhone SE 2 is expected to launch with upgraded internals, including Apple’s A13 chip. The overall dimensions, however, will be similar to the ones of the iPhone 8, and features like Face ID will be missing. Instead, the iPhone SE 2 will continue to use a Touch ID home button and a single camera on the back.

Apple should unveil the iPhone SE 2 sometime next month, so expect more information to surface in the coming weeks, including more details for the pricing that the company plans to use for the US market.

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