Is This The Worst Rated Game EVER? – WAN Show Jan 31, 2020

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Is This The Worst Rated Game EVER? - WAN Show Jan 31, 2020 1
Is This The Worst Rated Game EVER? - WAN Show Jan 31, 2020 2
Is This The Worst Rated Game EVER? - WAN Show Jan 31, 2020 3
Is This The Worst Rated Game EVER? - WAN Show Jan 31, 2020 4
Is This The Worst Rated Game EVER? - WAN Show Jan 31, 2020 5

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  1. ~DONE~
    ~Editing as im watching~
    0:18 – Topics
    0:52 – Intro
    1:33 – Luke and James catch up
    2:08 – James perspective on Linus "Im thinking of retireing" stream
    4:48 – new LMG channel
    5:27 – Carpool Critics podcast
    8:58 – Luke blizzard un-banned
    15:35 – Warcraft 3 Reforged
    24:40 – Samsung folding phone
    31:58 – Huawei UK 5G
    39:56 – SPONSORS
    39:58 – Pulseway
    40:36 – Displate
    43:08LTTSTORE.COM !!!!
    45:10 – ( lanyard hack)
    46:42 – Android air drop
    54:46 – EVE tech company
    1:01:28 – Super Chats

  2. I've just submitted a ticket to blizzard. Ive asked for a full refund from the past 10 years. If they don't comply ill be going to claims court. I refuse to allow my money that has been given to them over the past 10 years go to their horrible practices, social and business.

  3. Liking and commenting everyday untill I get noticed, linus has so much surplus stock at which he would consider to be 'dead' 'outdated' which would still kick ass over the computer I have built for free and which I could afford!! Please Linus help a brother out as said from one of your videos on scrap yard wars…. ' if you ever wanted to pass it forward and help a brother out' day 5

  4. West been paying cheap to china for decades, in the long run we will pay with a huge orwelian dictatorship. Its already showing no one dares to criticize or stand up against china coz they owe them money. No country complaining they covered up corona virus, no one daring to call out the persecution in Hong kong… And anyone who criticizes them ends up cancelled out or arrested like the chinese student that said something on social media while abroad but when he got back to china got arrested long after…

  5. ppl should really stop supporting these corporations that take the entire industry in a "fuck gamers direction", Blizzard is the apple of gaming now apparently….

  6. When other people host WAN maybe they should glance at the video that is going out to youtube so they can notice when their notes are consistently on screen.

  7. At $1000, where all phones look and feel the same, I would actually buy this folding phone over the s12 or whatever as long as the specs don't tank too hard

  8. Dude, my first phone was a samsung F250(yes it's a phone not a truck) and man sliding that phone open was super satisfying. But texting was a bitch on that thing.

  9. I would sub to floatplane if they created their own Videogame review channel.

    The last truly great videogame review channel was Rev.2 games, but I think Luke and a couple others could throw together a good game review show

  10. Was this filmed on your newly water-cooled RED? It looks much clearer than your previous WAN shows except that one time you guys filmed on the RED when everybody was off to CES.

  11. I guess I'll just not buy games that Blizzard controls then (the newest title I have is the first expansion for Starcraft 2) and just wait till they get to GOG (Diablo FTW)!

  12. Please consider moving the microphone off frame or placing it at the bottom half of the frame. It's current position tends to grab the viewer's focus away from the hosts. Also, the graphic behind James is crooked.

  13. I remember when I got banned for a few days by Blizzard and could not understand why. Then I tried to get some information from them and they refused to even discuss the case with me. Then I tried to explain that if I can't understand the problem, it would probably happen again. Then they said it would be really bad if it were to happen again, since it would mean a permanent ban of my account. Like Luke, my BNet account has games and purchases from the original Starcraft era. It was a pretty depressing situation. I was treated like a criminal, even though I didn't do anything wrong, or at least didn't know what I was doing wrong and was really just trying to understand. The only answers I got was that I went against the TOS and that they could not discuss the case in details because it was confidential (wtf?).

    I used to buy things at least every week on Heroes of the Storm, but I never bought anything not strictly needed from them ever again. I think the only thing I bought after this incident was the base Overwatch game. Every time I want to buy something I remember they may just trash my account without even explaining why and that I would not have anywhere or anyone to complain to.

    In the end, what I THINK happened:
    I had a Mac Mini back then and used to play HOTS on MacOS. Then I bough a gorgeous mechanical keyboard (for Windows) and the Numlock key doesn't work on MacOS. Then I found this little program that lets you program a macro that makes the Numlock key actually work as a numlock (yay! I can use numbers now). Then I THINK they banned me because of the Numlock > Numlock key macro. I can't be sure, since they never cared to explain or confirm anything. I also offered my machine for inspection, but didn't even get an answer. I just uninstalled all Blizzard related stuff from MacOS and didn't bother to play any Blizzard game for an year. Then moved to a new Windows machine (which was probably "safe").

    What bothered me the most was the total lack of information and support. They basically give you the finger and say: Just suck this ban and be happy that I am not banning you for life, even though you are a paying customer that did nothing wrong. This still saddens me, cause I was quite the Blizzard fanboy. I still don't trust or buy anything from them anymore, except for the actual games when needed. I would have certainly bought the remakes of SC and WC and many in-game things, but then I remember it is not safe and avoid it like the plague.

  14. @10:30 Luke, why not say what Blizzard actually banned you for? Other people who get banned for the same BS reason aren't going to have a half million person audience to shame Blizzard into fixing their accounts for them. Better innocent people be punished than a guilty person go free? What a crock.

  15. Star Trek has ALWAYS been about the interpersonal relationships FIRST. Go back to TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager…. time out the episodes… 2/3's plus of every episode is focused on the people, usually walking down a hallway or sitting in a random room, just talking.

  16. can we please all agree at this point to never give blizzard a single penny of our money again? I think they've more than proven they A.) Can't be trusted and B.) Are total scumbags. I think at this point, it's pretty obvious that some things are bigger than a fun video game. Ya know, like not supporting human rights, banning people with hardly any recourse and screwing over long-time loyal fans with cell phone games and shitty re-releases of old titles… At some point the consumer needs to vote with their hard earned dollar and not give it to total assholes like Blizzard.

  17. Played the fuck out of wc3 roc and loved it this new release is just ehh they fucked the menu all up, made it difficult to do ai games and many other annoyances

  18. #4:10 that is quite easy to work out… at the very least, the amount of energy to lift an object vertically = mgh. So if James is ~70kg, and need to be raised 4m to the next floor, it would take 2744J just to raise him up. The efficiency of elevators depend on the type of elevator it is. Hydraulic elevators are painfully inefficient (you need to lift the weight of the car as well), while counter weighted traction elevators are extremely efficient. So if your building use a hydraulic elevator, you should consider walking the stairs if it's low enough, but if it is a counterweight elevator, go ahead and use them. Most of the energy use in those elevators is consumed by the lights in the elevator anyway…

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