I've been thinking of retiring.

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I've been thinking of retiring. 1
I've been thinking of retiring. 2
I've been thinking of retiring. 3
I've been thinking of retiring. 4
I've been thinking of retiring. 5

23 Comments on “I've been thinking of retiring.”

  1. Linus is right, what’s the point in doing anything when everything is just going to disappear? You should do things that make you happy and never compromise, unless comprise is what keeps you alive. Life is what you make it, so make it something you love when you have the chance. I support you Linus.

  2. Take a break man! Let your Minions handle LTT. Come back whenever you feel like. Been watching you since eons! You definitely deserve a break

  3. You are the only tech tip I watched men~
    Started watching like 3 years ago.
    Men, u are rlly gud… I learnt lots of knowledge from you as well.-.

  4. This video resonates deeply with me. Recently I experienced something similar in which I questioned my Christian faith. But thinking of what was the meaning of life if everyone was going to die anyway, the fact that we fear death was enough to tell me that there was something more to this world than it seems. Why would we fear death? Is it simply just to survive? Hope that this would inspire you to think more deeply about our existence.

  5. I know how it feels when you end up doing more admin over what you started doing in the first place… Maybe you could start another channel repurposing old hardware, 2nd hand buying guides or recycling old systems (I turned several Pentium 4 era Xeon 1U servers into a TV stand and I'm using an old blade chassis as a coffee table), to help offset the new tech being produced.

  6. So LINUS has made enough money to act like this… The true question is, Are the people who helped him out all this time, just as well off?? (they never are)

  7. It wouldn't be the same without you buddy, but doing what makes you happy will make us all happy I'm sure.

    Thanks for the years 🙂

  8. Sounds like burn out to me! Just hand your company to your #2 or someone you trust while taking a 3 to 6 month leave of absence. You'll be recharged and have a lot more clarity on exactly why, how and what you want to move forward with.

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