Linus Plays the LTT Theme Song in Beat Saber!

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  1. Interesting. Linus takes off the headset and has the red marks of Gaming in his face.
    Whenever I talked to these superior Vive people, they told me only my Qculus Quest does this due to its balance issues.
    But frankly, Linus red marks do not look much less then mine after I emptied the Quest's battery.

  2. I had the pulsway add with Linus in it just before this video and at first was like:
    Huh, what a sketch! They have an entire office with none LTT staff for a video!
    Wait this skip ad button works lol.

  3. Luke Skywalker feel the force! Wait! Wait it Linus not Luke! Yoda would said Linus you are not my student. Darth Vader would said Linus you are not my son! Nelson muntz would say Ha Ha! GAME OVER! TRY AGIAN! Great Video! Love the green screen!

  4. "Linus plays the LTT theme song in beat saber"

    More like They try to set up augmented reality and then it works for 2 minutes.

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