Marketing Tips for Your iPad Apps

iPad can probably be very easily classified as the most popular gadget of the decade and a strong reason behind its popularity is nothing but the enormous appstore that is getting busier every day with new innovative apps. The popularity of iPad apps and the fantastic potential of the device have caused more and more people to develop apps for the platform. While this is great for iPad users, this does create a problem for the developers – how to get found in the appstore?

It is extremely difficult for your app to get visibility with a few hundred new apps being added to the store every other day, unless you have a marketing plan. While we have had our hands behind development of some of the most successful apps in the Apple appstore, here are few tips that we love to share with our clients and other app enthusiasts on how to make your app a winner:

a) Concept – If your product is not good, all your marketing is likely to fail. Do a thorough research on the market and ensure that your app has a killer concept that people would love or it has an utility that would solve some problem. If you can develop a good concept for your iPad app, that would solve half your marketing trouble.

b) Don’t neglect the web – Creating a small website for your app doesn’t cost much but it can go a long way in promoting your app. Understand, most (if not all) mobile users still spend considerable time on the Internet, and having a website for your app and promoting it is just another way of making your app visible to targeted customers.

c) Optimize your Submission – While submitting your app to the appstore ensure that you have optimized your app title and description with the necessary keywords to ensure it shows up in search results when a potential user searches the appstore.

d) Reviews- There are tons of website that reviews iPhone apps. Create your list of such websites and submit your app for reviews. While some of them are free, some of the more popular ones like are primarily paid – don’t hesitate to pay for a few paid reviews like these. These websites have thousands of visitors and almost all of them are iPhone users – so you can expect them to be really useful in promoting your apps.

Marketing lives on innovation and you can definitely have your own innovative marketing strategy but these are just few pointers that can help you promote your app to the next level. However, I would again repeat, irrespective of your marketing strategy, it is important that you have a reputable iPad App Developer team by your side to ensure that the quality of your iPad apps is world class.

Michael Torner

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