Microsoft Begins Showing an Anti-Firefox Ad in the Windows 10 Start Menu

Microsoft has recently launched a new Microsoft Edge version based on Chrome, so the company is now hard at work on convincing users on Windows and Mac to give it a try.

And what better method to advertise the new Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 than turning to an ad in a feature that everyone uses?

A few days ago, Microsoft has started showing Microsoft Edge ads in the Windows 10 Start menu in the same place where it typically displays suggestions for new apps.

Of course, the company can’t be accused of any wrongdoings since we can actually disable the Start menu suggestions, but what’s more surprising is that Microsoft appears to specifically target users who installed a different browser on their devices.

In this screenshot posted on reddit, for example, Microsoft appears to go after Firefox users with the ad.

“Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here,” the “suggestion” in the Start menu reads.

Surprising reaction from the community of users

Such ads that made their way to the Windows 10 Start menu are very often heavily criticized by users across the world, but this time, their reaction appears to be… well, surprising.

Many of those who commented in the linked reddit thread actually praise Microsoft Edge, explaining that they already installed the new browser, and it’s just as good as Chrome or Firefox. And of course, many remind that it’s possible to disable suggestions in the Start menu to block such “ads” from showing up again.

“The new Edge is pretty sweet. It’s like chrome but with stuff from MS. I’ve tried getting back to FF, but I need Chrome for work and I’m just too used to it by now,” one user explains.

To disable suggestions from showing up in the Start menu, on Windows 10 go to Settings > Personalization > Start > Show suggestions occasionally in Start.

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