Microsoft Tablet Vs Apple iPad

Microsoft has come up with various versions of its tablet recently with the Surface 2 Tablet technology users are once more interested to purchase. However, it is not as easy to decide to own a Surface Tablet once you are taking a look at the iPad by Apple. It seems that Microsoft has a strong contender and is up against a lot of competition from Apple. Let us find out how Surface stands up to the challenge of 32 GB iPad.

Microsoft Vs Apple

Microsoft has already unveiled numerous accessories that compliment its latest tablet that aid in better battery life and faster processing. It seems that it is all geared up to stand its ground against its rival in the technology market.

The latest version of Surface 2 contains a low-powered chip that is designed by ARM. The 32 GB version is priced at $449 but it still does not include a keyboard that can be latched on to it; you need to shell out $120 for it. The latest 32 GB version by Apple is Wi-Fi only priced at $599.

The Surface Pro 2 runs on Intel Corp chip is more about providing a lightweight laptop to its consumers. It is priced at $899 you will be able to obtain the 64GB version but it still does not includes a keyboard. When we compare it against the MacBook Air that costs $999 but also includes 128 GB version it seems to lag behind.

Comparing both the devices together, it seems that there is not much of a difference for consumers factually. However, Surface is cheaper as against the iPad but this alone cannot be the reason to switch over or choose one over another. Microsoft is more about upgrading the chip and its hardware, any given day a technology user requires more out of a tablet. Apple seems much advanced on terms of technology and providing just what a consumer requires.

Another thing to notice is that, Microsoft is utilizing other technological benefits by adding more services. A consumer will be able to enjoy Skype to landlines in 60+ countries for a year. Additionally the extra space of 200 GB free storage will be provided with two years that comes along as cloud storage clubbed with Skype. This is clearly indicative of standing on par with Dropbox and Google Drive.

What to look for?

If you are up for grabbing the Surface 2 you will be getting Office with a stripped down version that also includes Outlook as your e-mail client. The Surface Pro 2 is capable of running a complete Office version but you still need to purchase it separately. It seems that even though the Office suite is popular amongst users but purchasing it means shelling out extra bucks. Nonetheless, Apple has still no such proposition for its users when it comes to Office, especially the full version.

If you are more about a portable, ultra light and portable notebook replacement then Surface is the one for you. Another reason for choosing Microsoft product over Apple is the Office suite.

Another added advantage that Microsoft offers is that of backlit keyboards that also acts as covers. Additionally the Power Cover provides extra juice to the battery but it is yet to be veiled probably by next year.

No matter whatever you choose you will still be lingering for a complete package within one Tablet that is hard to get anywhere. However, for those who are not particularly Apple fans will find Microsoft tablet more promising.

Semeli Karen McPherson

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