Motorola Razr 2019 Unboxing – Whoa.

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23 Comments on “Motorola Razr 2019 Unboxing – Whoa.”

  1. Just like the prices of all these unfinished, poorly optimized and micro transaction filled AAA games… We just need to refuse to buy this thing until the price drops. I get it wasnt cheap to engineer but $1500 is stupid.

  2. $ 1600 for a Snapdragon 712, only 128gb of storage and one single miserable camera on the back, Motorola has oficially gone nuts 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. I hope this works out for Motorola, I mean i want them to success lol just because they are such a nostalgic brand

  4. I love razr series BUT SO LAME WAS UR DESCRIPTION like for a 4 year old kid 🤣 wtf man make it real over acting kills the passion

  5. Relax its just a phone nothing special you only use it to call people, And what idiot would spend $500+ on a phone for 500$ you can take a nice vacation to EU people are not smart this days stuck up!!!

  6. you can literally lift a side of the screen off with your finger tip by the hinge with a big opening since the the screen is not attached to the back. This is a massive problem for any dust. Way worse than the Fold. I don't know why no one was talking about it. Probably because it's an American company. But I highly doubt this will ever hit the market before any major redesign. I think Samsung was right.

  7. I had the Motorola v3 and the v3i and v3x and v3xx and v3 Max I had them from 2004 two 2007 then went to the Nokia n96 from 2007 two 2008 till the iPhone I love the nastolgia off phones I’ve had as a very young teen just like Nokia 3310 but I don’t miss using them I’d rather the iPhone because that Motorola is more expensive then iPhone 11 Pro Max top spec $200 more expensive then iPhone I like the look off the retro design but I have not looked back I’ve stayed with Apple since 2008 never going to another brand ever

  8. This phone is 2700 AUD (1800 USD) NO FARKING THANKYOU. For that I can buy 2 s10+ and still have change left over

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