My End-Game Gaming TV – LG C9 OLED

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My End-Game Gaming TV - LG C9 OLED 1
My End-Game Gaming TV - LG C9 OLED 2
My End-Game Gaming TV - LG C9 OLED 3
My End-Game Gaming TV - LG C9 OLED 4
My End-Game Gaming TV - LG C9 OLED 5

24 Comments on “My End-Game Gaming TV – LG C9 OLED”

  1. I heard this model had an aggressive auto brightness limiter. Going to buy the 65” if I can see it in action not being an issue. Would love a follow up vid addressing issues after daily driving

  2. Linus you should raffle your unused tvs. Or at least give me one so I can donate to the boys and girls club. They got mugged.

  3. what and why is better:

    1) take a projector with 3m screen and look at the screen on distance 3m

    2) take a TV with 1.5m(65) and look at the tv on distance 1.5m


  4. Hello there I need your help man with all these people subscribed to your channel I hope Someone can help me!? I mucked up my ADC/WB in my Samsung Q9FN 55”
    It’s in the secret service menu! If anyone has there out of the box values as I’ve been trying for about 8 months trying to fix this problem my self. Any help on this issue is appreciated. What I need is ADC/WB Results and white balance results. Mines are 132, 132, 132, then 71, 71, 71
    And white balance all the same 128 except red 138 and blue 156 this seams odd should not all white balance be 128?
    Failing that I need 100ire checkerboard pattern thanks again. As this is been stressing me for months 😢
    Ps I love this TV you just got OLED looks epic!

  5. My OLED has burn in I'll be replacing it with a Qled. I'm pissed because I did all the things to prevent burn in that I was told before buying it. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful TV but if you watch TV everyday don't buy it. Don't believe the hype about as long as it's no static imagine you'll avoid burn in. I watch different things everyday with out static images. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY TRUST ME!!!!

  6. Would a cabel with display port on the one side and hdmi on the other side work for actually transferring enough bandwith in order to be able to try 4k 120hz in games or do we really need a GPU from the future thats gonna have a hdmi 2.1 output on it? ;/ P.S. I don't need/care for sound or internet transfer…

  7. not wise to have an oled in a fully white room will not be able to fully appreciate the inky blacks when the white room is reflected on the tv

  8. HDTVs always make me depressed since I play at my desk and don't have space for a 55" behemoth.

    Monitor manufacturers are so trash in comparison. Seems to take 5+ years for technology to trickle down to the monitor market.

    Maybe by 2025 I will be able to get something comparable at 43" or less.

  9. So is this TV better than the Samsung Q series as far as being compatible with Xbox One X? Trying to figure out if the VRR on the LG will work correctly on the X1X. I know the Samsungs are directly compatible.

  10. People say burn in but really just get the extended warranty like Best Buy has 3 or 4 yours and your good if you get a burn in by that time will will be new technology and us swap out your TV

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