My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad…

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My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad... 1
My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad... 2
My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad... 3
My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad... 4
My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad... 5

48 Comments on “My new Laptop is not a ThinkPad…”

  1. No clue how Lew could go to the Surface after using the ThinkPad. I just tried out the Surface 3 Laptop at Best Buy and while the Alcantara fiber was on fleek, the keyboard overall was atrocious. Thin chiclet-style keys a la Apple and the entire keyboard flexed whenever I hit a key in the middle.

  2. Yeah, i cant take you seriously. Every new NoteBook you have is the "perfect laptop"…. sorry but thats just unprofessional

  3. Im looking for a new device currently looking at the surface laptop 3 in the 13 inch version , the surface pro 7 or the dell XPS 13 . What do you suggest for someone who watches Netflix , types out a few documents and light photo editing?

  4. It's been 5 years since Apple released the force touch trackpads and other companies still haven't replicated it. It is the only thing that keeps me from getting a windows laptop.

  5. So the shoes don't let water molecules in…
    But they let moisture out, witcha are just water molecules…

  6. Hey love your channel what do you think is the best portable laptop/device I want something support portable to work on the go an travel my preference is surface pro 7 but not sure if I should try a 13 inch laptop. What you think?

  7. Hey Lew! I’ll soon be starting school to study film. So I’m searching for a good laptop for video editing, writing and maybe some photo editing too, would you recommend this surface laptop? I’m also willing to go with any other Microsoft or Lenovo laptop. Please let me know what you recommend.

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