My old PC was making me nauseous… Time to upgrade

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My old PC was making me nauseous... Time to upgrade 1
My old PC was making me nauseous... Time to upgrade 2
My old PC was making me nauseous... Time to upgrade 3
My old PC was making me nauseous... Time to upgrade 4
My old PC was making me nauseous... Time to upgrade 5

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  1. i need help building a computer for a friend but i don't have the money for it how do i make a cheap computer that can play video-games

  2. I have the same case, the key is to install a small form factor power supply instead of a full ATX one in order to allow more clearance for the cpu cooler, an absolute game changer for me. if Linus did this he would get far better thermals for an inexpensive price!

  3. I used to keep “on the bleeding edge” of technology, I had the latest computer tech there was… Until I tracked my spending and realized I spent over $12,000 in about 9 months time…then I really looked at it and realized how much of a waste it really was.
    Computer tech doesn’t appreciate in value, 99% of it goes down…that 12 was worth less than 5k in less than a year.

  4. Would a 3600X still work to VR game on without streaming? Or could it handle streaming too since it is much better at multitasking than the i5 he had in there.

  5. The year linus went Amd well to be honest we all did Im glad i didnt buy my Pentium + 1050ti haha instead i got myself a Ryzen 5 3400g with 3200mhz 2×8 16gb ram
    Edit:Gtx 1660 is only 20$ more expensive than 1050ti here holy ship im glad didnt buy this ang pentium g4560 really bottleneck my 1660 if i stuck with it iand i gonna change the whole system im glad i didnt go intel for budget gaming got 500$ only

  6. Thanks you,, Unlike "JayZ's," bs how everything he does is for us, even buying components most of us can't afford, you just do and never hide the fact you just dig it. I un-subs from JayZ today after he used the 'I don't want you to have a bottleneck," line once to many. My man, you build and we can enjoy cause you are just "Real." and that is way cool.

  7. Just as an FYI in case anyone was wondering you cannot fit the SODIMM.2 storage in this case with an ATX power supply, it makes the MB about 1cm too high.

  8. There's probably just one person on this planet that "needs" a 10 gigabit network card in home computer. And you're looking at him. Who has storage on both ends that can manage 1,2GB/second?

  9. Linus watching your videos have got me to build my own pc’s again but I want to share my story with you. I decided to replace the video card in my pc. I bought a Nvidia gtx 2060 off Which for me is a great deal I get 10% off because I work for Walmart. The package arrives and I noticed a few things that concerned me. The shrink wrap around the box looks like it had been reshrinked. Open areas at both ends of the box. Second the card packaging it’s self. The card was in a anti static bag. The bag was folded and had security tape holding the bag shut. It has been a long time since I have bought computer parts but from what I remember they used to be sealed shut. Here is where it gets really interesting. I looked at the shipping label. The address matches a returns facility. You am a Walmart driver and the address is not a .com facility. My question to you is packaging got worse over the years or do you think Walmart sent me a returned item?

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