Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing!

With the Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S11 Plus on the horizon, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10…

Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing! 1
Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing! 2
Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing! 3
Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing! 4
Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing! 5

47 Comments on “Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing!”

  1. Once you've seen the video, which was the most interesting product here? Always trying to make the videos better, so it's good to know what you like seeing!
    For more Massive Unboxings:

  2. Bro pls give me the phone bcz im not using this kind of phones and i really impressed on this phone so i want this phone plssss give me that

  3. The smart case the video is the same one my dad bought. I just want to note that it can scratch the phone so if your going to buy it probably use it as a backup case instead

  4. 10 anniversary box is way better than star war box
    If you don't mind can you send me that starwar box with note 10 + please please please please

  5. He has done an investment. He wouldn't use these. By time their condition will remain same and price will go up. So yeah he's just making money.

  6. brother give me a samsung note 10+
    plesh cuntry bangladash hajipur mouchak vannara “Amtola SAIDE STOR”
    PHONE number 8801932219799 and 01719952598
    plz brother give me a note10+ phon plz

  7. I'm sorry Arun, but why are you doing unboxings of tech that the ordinary consumer can't afford, this is just annoying to watch, and it makes me want to unsubscribe. Kind of disappointed though as it makes the ordinary consumer look so powerless when getting new tech.

  8. Hoping that i use any phone in ur unboxing for my blog😊😊😊
    Using redmi 6a here👋
    Small YouTuber here👋

  9. When you want to start your own vlog but yet you don't have a clear camera phone on your pocket. Watching this unboxing inspires me.

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