OnePlus Concept One Smartphone – Disappearing Cameras!

The OnePlus Concept One smartphone – just before the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8, is their first…

OnePlus Concept One Smartphone - Disappearing Cameras! 1
OnePlus Concept One Smartphone - Disappearing Cameras! 2
OnePlus Concept One Smartphone - Disappearing Cameras! 3
OnePlus Concept One Smartphone - Disappearing Cameras! 4
OnePlus Concept One Smartphone - Disappearing Cameras! 5

48 Comments on “OnePlus Concept One Smartphone – Disappearing Cameras!”

  1. After watching the video, let me know if you think the phone is Hot, or Not!
    For my day in the life with a $2,500 SuperPhone:

  2. Honestly I feel like disappearing cameras are not a bad decision. With smartphones getting more and more powerful anyway, we don't struggle with the OS slowing down anymore (at least not in mid and top tier smartphones), we already have sharp screens with great colors and now I feel it's all more about the design. I personally started caring more about how my phone looks and how good is the battery & camera than about the performance because it's good enough in all new phones. New features and more power are cool, but when I saw the Mate 30 Pro Porsche Design I felt like I want this smartphone over even better ones just because of the design. Same goes for other phones, I'd rather get for instance Mi Note 10 over Mi 9T Pro just because of how it looks, the curved screen etc while I know it's much slower. But do we really need this power? I doubt it, unless You play games…

  3. Arun I really enjoyed love Oneplus devices and I agree definitely want to see what is next with all devices.Awesome Video Deb👌👍✌

  4. I actually decided to buy a 7t Pro Mclaren, because of rumored hole punch in the 8/8 Pro. I'm done with notches, and hole punches, and i wish OnePlus would've stuck with the motorized camera, or do what Nubia, Vivo is doing and add a second screen on the back, if they really wanted to differentiate the 8/8 Pro, from the 7t/7t Pro.

  5. Try to make phone cheaper, stop making gimmicks that cost more money to make. I cant care less fancy leather, invisible camera, just make it cheaper. 🤬🤬🤬

  6. Well a photochromatic filter might help taking better pictures as sometimes exposure settings on software can under or over expose areas u don't want. If taking pictures at a very sunny place like beach or desert why not stock photos without software filters. Dunno how effective it will be but OnePlus needs to incorporate new Samsung cameras with zoom and larger camera sensors

  7. I think the disappearing rear camera is actually pretty nice for some people because not anyone likes to see many cameras at the back of your phone…
    Just like me… If I see many cameras at the back, I actually get irritated so I think maybe oneplus is taking advantage of these persons… Just my opinion Thank You… (Sorry for the grammar) 🙂

  8. Nice this is the era of phone innovations and probd a chance to become a market leader. Same with the huge popularity that came last year for 100k theologygrads

  9. Gadgetshieldz have the same McLaren theme oneplus concept skin which I think every oneplus fan likes and ordered one for my Oneplus 7 Pro.

  10. what about createing a phone with data that is always fast and NOT limited by area coverage ? always ready with no limits and always able anywheres? No more out of range no more slow times , no more paying for no usage. hmmm? Phones have yet to evolve to that point because to much time spent on cameras.

  11. Could the electrochromic glass be used on the front display as a on/off privacy tempered glass screen (protector) 🤔

  12. You should have respected for the tech to come in a phone. Because I think this is the newest tech in phone after pop up.
    And yeah folding is one but this was awesome. And how do you want it to be useful?

  13. Theoretically couldnt that glass technically be used in part with the screen and use it to say hide like a hole punch camera? Giving you the full screen when not using it and getting rid of the moving parts.

  14. I wonder if this camera glass tech is an attempt to hide the front facing camera. What if similar tech can be used to get rid of the hole punch all together


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