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Opensignal Report: The State of Mobile Games Experience

Opensignal has just released their latest mobile games experience in the 5G era global report. In this report, Opensignal takes a look at game experience in 100 countries and presents its first Global report.

In Opensignal’s unique new measure of multiplayer mobile Games Experience, Singapore took the gold medal with a score of 85.5 points. It was followed by the Netherlands in second with a score of 85.4 on a 100 point scale, and Japan in bronze position scoring 85.3. Mobile players enjoy an Excellent Games Experience in only four countries. Besides Singapore, the Netherlands and Japan, the Czech Republic was the only other country where players enjoyed a premiere mobile gaming experience.

31% of Asian countries rested in the Poor category, 27% ended up in Fair, 15% achieved Good status and 8% landed in the Excellent category. Key Asian game markets are just mid-table in Games Experience: In Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam players’ Games Experience is Fair, while Indonesia slipped into the Poor category with a score of just 63.6.

Stats related to Malaysia:

  • Malaysia has placed 50th out of the top 100 countries for mobile Games Experience.
  • Its score of 66.2 places it towards the bottom of the Fair category, indicating that users found the experience ‘average’ and the majority noticed a delay between their actions and the outcomes in the game.
  • The country’s score is above the 61.1 seen for the Asia Pacific region as a whole.
  • Malaysia is in 11th place when ranked against the other countries in the region covered by this report.
  • While it was far from Singapore’s incredible score of 85.5 (which placed the country first in the world for mobile Games Experience, Malaysia’s scored higher than Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines.
  • Vietnam and Thailand scored higher than Malaysia, but also placed in the Fair category.

Download the full OpenSignal PDF report here.

Opensignal’s unique new mobile Games Experience analyzes multiplayer gaming across different game genres based on testing of a range of mobile games, including battle royale game Fortnite, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Arena of Valo.


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