Realising the Advantages Of A Cloud Server

Every business organisation works in the direction of increasing their customer base with the changes years. Similar is the case with the provider of hosting services. With the increasing number of individuals wanting to make their presence felt over the web, the need for reliable and affordable web hosting company increases. Few of the young entrepreneur are inclined towards using the latest technologies in the hosting Industry. Cloud hosting is one such solution that has attracted number of users to host their sites and applications over the web. Unlike the traditional hosting methods, cloud solutions can be considered to be little more expensive, but, holds the capabilities of offering something that none other that only a dedicated server was able to offer. Previously, shared hosting was never considered to be a reliable solution for corporate websites. Despite the small size of such websites, people had to opt for higher range products that would offer them reliability and optimum uptime guarantee. Hence, causing a waste of resources and money. But, with the introduction of Cloud, hosting providers have managed to offer their services at a very low price without compromising on the quality. Shared Cloud is a perfect example of reliability and affordability.

Choosing a cloud server, the factors that would usually be a botheration to users can be easily avoided. Factors such as overselling, constant downtimes, reliability, stability, intrusions, hacks etc. are the areas that matters most of any website owners. Since, cloud is made of a cluster of dedicated servers, the data of your website is placed on multiple servers, so incase one of the servers go down, your site starts resolving through another server in the network. Virtually causing zero downtime.

Moreover, there are constant improvements being done in the area of Cloud technology. So, we can expect the Cloud to grow even stronger and an affordable option. Presently, features such as scalability and 100% uptime are the aspects that none other hosting solution is capable to offer. Webmaster can be rest assured about the performance and availability of their website hosted on a Cloud.

Different web hosting companies may set-up Cloud differently, I mean the architecture of these Cloud servers may be different. But no matter how it is, the set-up is done with the sole intention of achieving zero downtime and resources that wouldn’t fall short of the website requirements.

There are various misconceptions related to Cloud, such as security, dependability etc. Cloud can be considered to be more secure than other hosting options. This is mainly due to the fact that the technologies used for building the Cloud are renowned and highly trusted. When it comes to affordability, it can be said that Cloud offers a perfect value for your money ie. you pay for only what you have actually used.

Stan S Jones

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Realising the Advantages Of A Cloud Server 2
Realising the Advantages Of A Cloud Server 3
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