Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (vs AirPods, Galaxy Buds)

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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (vs AirPods, Galaxy Buds) 1
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (vs AirPods, Galaxy Buds) 2
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (vs AirPods, Galaxy Buds) 3
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (vs AirPods, Galaxy Buds) 4
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36 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (vs AirPods, Galaxy Buds)”

  1. In my point of view the galaxy buds are the best wireless earphones. I have been using them since last five months and they are awesome. I mean they sound good and they are much more affordable when compared to air pods pro and they even support wireless charging. I have the white version but the color looks dull now so got this white marble skin from gadgetshieldz which fits perfectly on the Samsung buds and now they look clean like before and feel smooth.

  2. My Jaybird vista can't handle phone call voice convo while I am jogging on the beach nor while I am out in traffic.
    Looking out for earbuds which is good for voice convo in traffic and music quality. this time ipx water protect rating does NOT matter

  3. What if he made his own song and played them in his videos, so he doesnโ€™t have to worry about copyright and stuff. Itโ€™s just easier

  4. Hello . i am Vietnamese. I have been working on YouTube for a long time but few people registered. Can you ask people to subscribe to my channel? I want to earn some money to make ends meet. thank you very much . hope you help me.

  5. Dude making videos like he thinks hes some kind of a movie star.
    Like bro youre not as entertaining as you think you are. Stop it.

  6. I think your channel should take the 16 m to 0 subscribers road ๐Ÿ˜’

  7. Don't care what anyone says, I like the "hanging out" style/format of these videos. Not necessarily a fan of the POV ones with no narration. Do that as part of a regular video or one in this format.

  8. I love the idea that you can charge them wirelessly with a phone. Except that you need a thousand dollar phone to do this.

  9. Hey Lew. I have a question. I wanted to know if you sell your old phones. I would love to know that because I'm looking to buy something and I can't find what I want. Thanx and congrats with your videos. Love both channels.

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