Samsung Galaxy S20 Hands On – A Better Deal?

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31 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy S20 Hands On – A Better Deal?”

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  2. I can tell the host listens to mostly rap, just because of his fake accent, he isn't totally committed though. He slips back into a natural speaking voice every now and then.

  3. I was worried that they wouldn't have a smaller one, I'm returning the 11pro I just bought, couldn't believe my s9 has a better display/resolution. I was like f this, what a rip off. Knew I shouldn't have left android

  4. Pretty sure S9 was the peak. Everything was great about it without the newer drawbacks e.g. no notch / cutout, a headphone jack. Sure the processors have moved on but its not like it's slow.

  5. Spending 1200 US $ on a phone is as stupid as you spending 1 milion dollar on a car if you are not a multimilioner of course.

  6. Excellent credit, 60k+ a year, or sell drugs… All things that don't apply to me or the average consumer so no S20 for me this year.. ಠ_ಠ

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