Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 – Apple gets Slaughtered?

Comparing the camera, battery, specs and features of the Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11. The…

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 - Apple gets Slaughtered? 1
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 - Apple gets Slaughtered? 2
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 - Apple gets Slaughtered? 3
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 - Apple gets Slaughtered? 4
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 - Apple gets Slaughtered? 5

45 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 – Apple gets Slaughtered?”

  1. So… I guess all those people complaining on how expensive the iPhone are and can't not afford it, won't be able to afford that Samsung… Lol…
    Also I understand the 5g thing on the phones right now. But I also understand apples point on not coming up with it since 5g ability is not reachable in all markets and still new. It would be on the market from 2020 forward, where most of mayor phone providers will have way more coverage of 5g. If there's a company that nows marketing, is apple. Is all about strategy for apple.

  2. I think the s20 is a way better phone than the iphone 11 not only because its newer but because eut has one of the most terrific displays on any smartphone I mean come on its SAMSUNG !!!!
    And the display is the gateway to the phone it's the entire experience,so iPhone 👎

  3. I wish I could get a Samsung S20, I have never owned a high-end phone before I have been using a lava iris51 for years now

  4. 3:40 I do care. The reason I buy flagship from Samsung is mainly because of the beautiful curved screen and now it's gone now. They look like the plastic A series phone without much differentiation. Also worth to mention, most country are getting exynos chip which is inferior compare to SD and paying full price for it. I use Samsung's phone for 8 years, I like the UI very much, I think it's the most tidy and neat UI on the market. Sadly the software update only last for 2 years, boo!!!! Samsung is spending tons of $ trying hard to get new customer, but forget about satisfying their existing one. Eventually they'll switch to other brands because value over price for Samsung's phone is not good and yet they lost the support from existing customer due to their pride and arrogance

  5. Samsung has such a good display and its so fast changing between apps etc.
    Still has that shit glitch of a black screen when launching an app like the animation ends.
    Still can’t send a clear fucking video message.

  6. Snapdragon only available in China and USA. Everyone else gets the bog standard exynos.

    Don’t be fooled by Samsung’s clever marketing. Do your research. The 100x zoom isn’t even 100x zoom( its 3x zoom and the rest is a processed image with sharpening) and the 8k video recording is the same. It’s overly sharpened by the processor. It isn’t natural and therefore it’s fake overly sharpened images. Not true to life.

    Either way this comparison makes zero sense.

  7. Brand new flagship vs a soon to be previous gen base iphone base model?
    Come on, at least use the 11 pro.
    I do love android and Samsung, but this it’s like comparing an Audi 8 be a Toyota Camary. The Audi is flashy and cool, but especially with constant use, will be traded two or three times the rate of the other.

  8. great comparison just one thing my brother has iphone XR and surprisingly my other brother can open his phone ,although they aren't twins therefore o don't think face I'd is more secured than the ultrasonic finger print. I would agree that it's more secure than Samsung's 2D face ID though

  9. nice useful video.. very good effort… keep the good work going Arun… getting better day by day… really appreciate your help… Thanks…

  10. Well you know we know iPhone 11 is mid range,Pro and Pro Max are the phones you should've done comparison with,you tried to sky rocket Samsung while trying to make iPhones weak and old! Let's be honest they hooked you up with this video didn't they?

  11. Show some damn picture comparisons. Android has technically been killing Apple devices in terms of camera hardware for years now but images from iPhones have somehow consistently looked better. This is due to their image processing chip, which Apple builds from the ground up for each new phone model.
    Really confused as to why you wouldn't show a few images of the same scene taken by each phone.

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