Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Thicker Than Your Wallet

My early impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.
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  1. Loved that you highlighted how foldable doesn't necessarily mean convenient in pocket.. these little things make you one of my favorite tech reviewers 🙂

  2. The thick point, so? Make it thin as a credit card? Put form over factor as a priority to a reasonable understanding of current technology. You know battery has volume right?
    Personally I would prefer the Nokia's of lore which were a bit thicker and had better repairability plus battery swapping. The apples has really manufactured consent for planned obsolence and the lack of right to repair…and form over factor in the worst sense.

  3. "Not many compromises" no headphone jack, curved display corners, non-standard aspect ratio, fucking hole in the screen… Dunno. Seems like an awful lot of compromises to me.

  4. No. Would not buy it. The technology is awesome but the process of using the device is now more complicated. Before it was basically one fluent motion, with this there are two distinct processes to use it

  5. Almost gave me a freaking heartattack Dave, thanks for keeping it in the edit :v
    And about the $$s, well 800$ + durability/water-resistance + larger screen with smartwatchish UI THEN yeah will think about it.

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