Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite – The Confusing Truth.

Just before the Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 Unboxing, Samsung has launched the Samsung…

Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite – The Confusing Truth. 1
Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite – The Confusing Truth. 2
Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite – The Confusing Truth. 3
Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite – The Confusing Truth. 4
Samsung S10 Lite & Note 10 Lite – The Confusing Truth. 5

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  1. A lot of people have pointed out that the next Galaxy S phones will be the S20. I'm aware, and this is looking likely, I just didn't want to make a potentially confusing video more confusing for people who didnt hear about this, so I've referred to them as the S11 phones.

    After watching the video, which one would YOU pick between the two?
    To take a look at the new OnePlus smartphone:

  2. Its always about the MONEY isn't it they have to diversify their products to get what they really want YOU the CONSUMERS very clever indeed

  3. How about in American dollars too not just pounds if you want me to subscribe please be more generous to your American viewers as well

  4. my only issue in this whole video is the line : at : 6:57 "for older demographic that may be less familiar with wireless" i know what you ment, but despite that, it sounds like an excuse… I am very familiar with Wireless headset.. most of them are shitty.. i use a simple one ear solution when i need to be hands free, but for music.. most of them sound like crap, not to mention for watching youtube , cos most of them also have a tiny delay , that makes me mad.. only
    $150-$200 start to be decent sounding but the really good ones are over $200… i am not willing to pay for a (Sennheiser Momentum, MASTERDYNAMIC MW07, APPLE AirPods Pro ) when a $50 Sennheiser CX 300S sounds great… But the premium brands ditching their 3.5mm jack ports but also sell premium Wireless headsets, i assume the idea is, if you buy a $1000 phone , you should not be cheap on the headset side either, so we offer stuff just for you…

  5. Please, just make a video about whole S10 series.
    S10 lite
    Note 10
    Note 10 lite
    Seems like a desperate attempt from Samsung clearing the remaining supply.

  6. Just subbed. Btw, I personally don’t like the glass back because it’s heavy and I’ll use a case anyway.
    I don’t need all the newest hardware (fastest chip and so on), I don’t play games. I care more about the camera because I love to take pictures. I use my phone to mostly check whatsapp, facebook, and watch youtube.
    I like the new phones because I won’t have to buy a flagship phone anymore.

  7. All ok if the price drops to around 400 Euro, 650 for this thing is the same price as the current s10 plus…. makes no sense

  8. I've been wanting a Snapdragon powered Samsung flagship for a while. Coz I have one with Exynos now. This is a great answer for that.

  9. stop this madness samsung, for f*ck sake.

    your line of smartphones is so confusing that i'm not gonna buy a new one from you now.

  10. Jesus Christ, how am I gonna choose a new phone with 8 galaxy / tab phones from samsung alone..
    Right now I have a galaxy s7, all I want is a phone with great cameras.

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