Should you buy a $50 CPU??

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  1. I remember as a broke student I bought a GTX 560SE for 20 bucks that shreds all games at 1080p low graphics 60fps

  2. So, I found a deal online with one of these cpus, super cheap motherboard, super cheap nvme, and 8 gigs of undisclosed ram for $99 and $20 shipping… that sounds like a decent place to start… am I wrong there?

  3. I consider a budget system to be one that can take what will be competitive for a good long while then grab what's considered mid range to maybe high keep everything balenced until the form factor changes (PCIe 5.0 x 16/DDR5/AM5)

  4. Single channel on an APU? Wow you reached 10m subs and we all know that AMD processors even Intel runs better with dual channel memory.
    If your reasoning is because of budget, why not use 2x4GB of memory instead.
    LowSpecGamer is laughing at you guys.

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