Should you buy a $50 CPU??

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46 Comments on “Should you buy a $50 CPU??”

  1. Should had done it balls to the walls too, everything component better and the only bottleneck is how high you can get the CPU to run at

  2. yea linus but the 3600 is a lot more expensive so it's not a fair comparison for people who have a tight budget.

  3. a Clone"d" Guy: Get a prebuilt and installl a AIO 60fps@1080p and never break 40c in high settings is all you need.

  4. intel needs a new g3258 that was an awesome cpu, ive intentionally killed 4 bad bins on ebay to get the trash ones off the market

  5. So, I found a deal online with one of these cpus, super cheap motherboard, super cheap nvme, and 8 gigs of undisclosed ram for $99 and $20 shipping… that sounds like a decent place to start… am I wrong there?

  6. WHy do you not use the AMD FX 8350 this CPU cost 60.- swiss CHF what is lik the Pentium and This 8core CPU is super good for the budget

  7. I wanna see you guys just absolutely send it and see how far you can push it until it pops… please make that a video?

  8. For all of you haters- I play on a Phenom iix4 970 with a GTX 1050 ti and I can play 1080 60fps on almost any game at 3.5ghz

  9. I consider a budget system to be one that can take what will be competitive for a good long while then grab what's considered mid range to maybe high keep everything balenced until the form factor changes (PCIe 5.0 x 16/DDR5/AM5)

  10. Super cheap processors have a place. I have one of the new Celerons in my NAS, I think I paid less than $40 for it.

  11. Single channel on an APU? Wow you reached 10m subs and we all know that AMD processors even Intel runs better with dual channel memory.
    If your reasoning is because of budget, why not use 2x4GB of memory instead.
    LowSpecGamer is laughing at you guys.

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