Should You Make Your Own VPN?

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40 Comments on “Should You Make Your Own VPN?”

  1. Using fake information is not fraud if they aren't a government entity, you can tell them whatever you like, they don't have the authority to know your information.
    Best privacy is in Sweden, its outside the 14 eyes alliance.

  2. What I missed in the "set up VPN"-part was the checkbox "block outside DNS" being checked. Without that, you risk a DNS bleed/leak.

  3. Do you know that Vultr and DigitalOcean have OneClickApps , where is started script and you will just set up password right ?

  4. i rented three servers through vultr and bandwagon, set up ss and v2ray, i'm in China, these servers usually works fine

  5. Bruh all this just because i wanted to finish watching a show that was on netflix but then got removed for my country 🙁

  6. Isn't traffic already encrypted by SSL, whether you are on an unsecured network or now? Someone spying on coffee shop wifi won't be able to steal your credit card details unencrypted either way; you don't need a VPN to make them secure.

  7. Vultr… i remember seeing that company name once before years ago… …i wonder if that's the same dude that owned Endless Online…

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