Smartphones are evolving.

With Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha coming soon in 2020, amongst foldable smartphones, 120Hz refresh…

Smartphones are evolving. 1
Smartphones are evolving. 2
Smartphones are evolving. 3
Smartphones are evolving. 4
Smartphones are evolving. 5

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  1. This video has been a week in the works – hope you like it, and, after watching, let me know which was YOUR favourite technology!

    For my video on the Truth behind Google:

  2. This no bezel all screen phone screen is dum. A joke.. who asked for that. Accidentally pressing the screen and camara hole on the screen stupid. Removes the LED notification and Iris sensor unlock. The S9 and note 9 bezel is where it should be at.

  3. They are evolving since the first phone have made lol. What the….

    Cant wait the touchable hologram tech. Thats the real tech we talking about. With a single tiny capsule we can turn it into even a house. Or myb during that time am already dead

  4. i hope they can put in a movie maker type free software so that i can just ditch my laptop and bring me a power bank an external usb and i'm set to just back pack and vlog and not have to worry where to leave a device as big and as clumsy sensitive as my laptop and just edit on a bench in some park or sitting in a bus or something.

  5. Ok but did people suddenly forget about 3D Touch from the iPhone? And how everyone called it a β€œgimmick”? This is almost exactly that, although with a broader scope…

  6. For me, 120Hz is way overpowered. I also turned my pixel down on my Huawei P9 in order to save battery.
    Im absolutely sure i cant see any difference between using all pixels or less pixels even when im looking closely, which in 100% of the time nodbody does.
    I think more pixels has only downsides these days, the only change you will experience is less battery power.
    I would guess the same applies for 60Hz. 60 times per second, dont know if anyone would feel a difference if we have more, i would bet no.
    I would prefer longer battery-life instead of more from something no one will ever see or feel. I rarely use a microscope for looking at my smartphone.

  7. Absolutely amazing videos always enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing very much appreciate it Deb πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘βœŒ

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