Stop Buying the MacBook Air

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40 Comments on “Stop Buying the MacBook Air”

  1. I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic from time to time or not lol I don’t know what it is but I was just getting that vibe lolol

  2. Keep in mind: He's comparing one of the absolute worst brands to what was one of the best brands back in 2010

    Apple's price is largely to due with their logo "Apple", which people assume is safe and secure, manipulative though, right… and well, acer… one brand that has an abnormal amount of hardware and software failures, with no fix available except a hardware replacement, you get what you pay for, garbage product full circle, everything is cheap from the mold to the components, they would rather bang out devices rather than taking 3 years off, stress testing, analyzing, brain storing, and paying their engineers better to come out with a revolutionary laptop that's both fast and dependable like Asus, HP and others, but that's highly unlikely… HP is both affordable and reliable and the only brand I care to pay any attention to in this era, sad it wasnt in the display against asus

  3. 750$ for a old ass macbook? thats just stupid that someone want to buy it. Its just too weak (macbook air in general), worse MS support ever that cant use for college or work.

  4. MacBooks are in every way superior to other laptops, don’t believe this moron. Bought my first one in 2011 and it survived one Sony laptop, one Acer and a Chomebook that all ended up in the trash.

  5. So the build quality is worth about 500$, the tech inside is about 0$ and can be had from any local landfill. Add 250$ for the logo and subtract 500$ in punitive damages for having to deal with its atrocious screen that violates the Geneva convention and you arrive at its actual worth: 250$. Anybody who even publically considers paying more than that should be shot on the spot.

  6. Simple answer. It’s not worth the 750 dollar price tag. It never was to begin with.

  7. I personally have hated apple cause of their business practices and overpriced anything. However when I was younger in graphic design school I did buy a macbook pro in November 2010 and that thing is still running like a charm. So while I hate them. As far as i can say they built that thing to last. 10 years strong. So this Apple Air may be old in today's technology. But the buyer who wants something to last. Maybe that is the way to go. Personally I've had friends who's pcs priced in the range of these other ones fail them or breakdown overtime. Normies who bought off the shelf normie PCs so in that comparison I think honestly the Apple is the way to go for them. Just fyi I've never owned a apple iPhone or iPad or anything else apple. So once my macbook pro goes I dont know what I'm going to do. I dont hear good things bout these new macbooks.

  8. I really like this video. It started out like y’all were gonna hate on it but actually showed a lot of the good and some other alternatives.

  9. I have a late 2012 11'' i5 that I paid 235 EUR – It's the best laptop I ever had: Light, Fast, thin, portable as in "really portable" supported on macOS Catalina, runs all my daily software flawlessly, even light gaming and virtualisation + iMovie and Garage Band with just 4GB of RAM! – and I can continue: Aluminum unibody, the good old school apple backlight keyboard, unbeatable trackpad, and please let's not forget about magsafe <3 – I dare everyone out there to find a better used laptop for 250 Dollars. Oh and if you feel sweet on the wallet, you can upgrade internal storage and replace the battery…

  10. he gave me so much anxiety by lifting the computers so casually in his hands. i felt like he would toss or fling them into the air and not flinch. i can't even hold my macbook without the support of both my arms just in case.

  11. Linus: Stop buying macbook air

    Me: I'v never been able to afford any macbook even the (used) macbook air 2017 🙁

  12. Honestly, a store owner, wouldn't be worry about the volume sales, but the total revenue sales, they have to inform the customer to buy the other laptops, which uses lots of space and probably wont sale them all, apple laptops, just display one, have fewer in store, and still sell themselves no pressure from seller, buyer comes in with their choice already made, not to mention, no warranty is offered from the seller, just point the custumer to apple care, and done deal, money in their pocket with less effort. I Don't use apple products personally, but I know people who buys them, just because someone else has one.

  13. Just to add someone smashed their hand on my Macbook Air screen across the top, silly them, and their hand bled from the accident, but the Macbook Air screen is completely unharmed. The build on this thing is awesome, poor person's hand, but the laptop is still in good shape.

  14. I've got to have the full size keyboard with number pad. I can deal with a worse track pad because I prefer external mice. I never thought about body flex. Hmm. Great stuff!

  15. 4 times the storage, double the processing cores. yet like ANYTHING windows based Runs great for 2 months and then is a bag of dicks

  16. One of the few things I really love about my 7 year old MacBook Air is that it still runs rather well. Most other laptops aren't build to last that long and the battery is still in a good shape. Not a fan of Apple but some things they just do way better than their competitors.

  17. why do you squeeze the laptop if you don't like it to bend? In actual use you shouln't ever have to put enough pressure on a laptop to flex it. And if you do, and I springs back, you're OK, no?

  18. apple products that where made / designed before tim cook took charge are actually very nice, now they are absoulte dogshit

  19. Could have tested the Acer Swift 5, you can find them for 700-800$, but even if you get the pro version at a 1000$ it is 5 times better than this macbook.

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