The $100,000 Smartphone Unboxing.

You’ll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2020 -Samsung Galaxy S20 Unboxing, Huawei P40 Pro…

35 Comments on “The $100,000 Smartphone Unboxing.”

  1. Hope you enjoyed the video! Which was your favourite of the 5 phones?
    For my video on the Dark side of Technology:

  2. Um yeah, bruh where do you put all of this? And buying cell phones worth of 100k and then not using it again? Im jealous in a good way hahahahha can you give it to me hahahahahahha

  3. I am very very selective about what channels I subscribe to and I have to say after the previous gadget video and this phenomenal $100,000! unboxing there is not even a
    .0000001chance that I don't subscribe to your channel. I look forward to progressing into the future of tech with you. thanks for your dedication and hard work to bring us the latest, greatest and sometimes even the lamest that tech has to offer. Cheers mate.

  4. Its nice to see YouTube approving reckless and unnecessary spending on their channel while at the same time hosting environmental supporters wanting to ban everything normal human can afford. I believer Orwell called this approach "double-thinking"

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