The ALL-METAL Keyboard

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40 Comments on “The ALL-METAL Keyboard”

  1. I've never once hit the Windows key by mistake, while trying to use "ALT" There's 2 "ALT" keys and honestly, I always forget that I even have a Windows key on my keyboard or any keyboard I've ever owned in the past. I've never used it.

  2. Loved it when Linus said "it's like typing on cloud pillows" ..ahahaha that's the feel i have on many of my switches ever since i started to lube switches and experiment / mod and such.. most important thing you can do on you keyboard to quickly improve typing feel is lube the stabelizer keys folks. You don't need anything expensive or fancy . just grab a tube of Super Lube grease and a cheap tiny brush from you $1 store or on Aliexpress. the reason you need something like super Lube grease is that it doesn't damage / react with electronics. And for a good switch lube tryout tribosys 3203 for tactile switches and Tribosys 3204 for linear. or just pick one for both.. it's not a rule just a preference of many. and remember don't over do it..

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