The Amazing Double Laptop!!

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The Amazing Double Laptop!! 1
The Amazing Double Laptop!! 2
The Amazing Double Laptop!! 3
The Amazing Double Laptop!! 4
The Amazing Double Laptop!! 5

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  1. I know this comment is unrelated to this video, however, this is eternally important:

    Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah Saves.

    We are praying for ALL of you.

    Peace and love, and prayers,

    TJ & Mercy x

  2. You dont know about Ubuntu???LOL…you are a tech reviewer!!! God bless America…Built by the black owned by the Chinese.

  3. Really doesn't look convincing at all to me. If it's meant to be easily detachable anyway why even try to (poorly) attach it to the laptop? Screen with its own stand would be more flexible too.

  4. My main concern would be that it's oriented to the right side and mice are optimized for right-hand usage. I want to see whether or not it can be flipped upside down for a left-hand monitor

  5. Just a reminder you should never cook something and just forget about it that's how I've burnt many frozen pizzas

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