The Apple iPad MacBook Pro

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  1. Lou, FYI–there is a mouse that supports more functionality that makes it more like a real lap top. It's called the Citrix X1 mouse.

  2. I bought the bridge version without the trackpad and having no trackpad does your head in. It makes using it harder not easier.

  3. You guys need to make a tour of where you guys store EVERYTHING you guys unbox. Theres gotta be a mess somewhere

  4. I bought a MacBook in late September 2018 and it died fourteen months later, in November 2019, when downloading an OS software update. My local Apple Store said that a $ 700 repair was required. I went to the Miami Dadeland Apple Store, where I bought the MacBook to complain about its short life span, and they told me to f—k off as it was over one year old. Poor workmanship and high prices gets Apple $ 245 billion cash in its balance sheet. My previous Apple computers lasted three to four years. I guess I won’t buy any more Apple computers and a lot of friends say the same thing. Apple can’t fool its customers forever. Apple is a greedy, low quality computer company with an unjustified high share price which will decline sharply sooner rather than later. I am looking forward to Apple’s demise.

  5. Well , sorry I don’t believe it at all. You see, I have a very simple test. Nothing complicated, simple and easy.
    Can it run E*TRADE stock trading program. Full fledge my foot. Run a E*TRADE pro , a simple trading platform that the lousiest computer would run, and then I will buy it.
    If it can’t run it then it’s only a tablet. That simple.

  6. Any iPad keyboard review MUST address the elephant in the room – SMART Connector, it's way way better than Bluetooth. in the future, please do better in this regard. Tnx

  7. Apple really lagging behind on the whole 2 in 1 thing. Meanwhile Microsoft got it pretty much down with the surface. Makes Ipad and touchbar look like a bad joke.

  8. You know, i bought it on kickstarter because you recommended it and what ended up being is "Libra" changed the design, dissapeared, not answering any emails of anyone, not returning investors money and a bunch of people just lost a bunch of money (like around 120 usd/contributer).
    There's something that you as an influencer need to remember – when you are recommending on something, you should always make sure the company is legit or at least review if something changes in the product and get things out there.
    Like you had the power of 15M subscribers to raise up their sales you can also use that power to assist with pressure on them + kickstarter to make sure the clients you have affiliated are not hurt from your recommendation.
    i am truely dissapointed from the lack of responsibility every part of the chain here makes and to be honest – your image is getting the most of the attention with this fail. you can also see the kickstarted comments.
    i expect you would do something regarding this matter, even a video discussing how it acted out and try to get kickstarter's and libra's response.

  9. You say it’s a prototype, but then totally critical over the fact that it needs slight improvements… Weak. You don’t cover whether the iPad can detach while still using the keyboard, which is an awesome feature… Weak. You end the vid by saying one should buy a laptop without really saying why?? WEAK. Say rather who should buy it and use it. We don’t care about your needs unless used as example.

  10. You can make your iPad look like a MacBook all you want, in the end, it still runs iOS and will never give you the real desktop experience.

  11. I want both – touchscreen & trackpad. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't support it well & that's why I'm staying with Chromebook.

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