The Beginning of the End – Surface Pro X Review

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42 Comments on “The Beginning of the End – Surface Pro X Review”

  1. MSFT needs to stop targeting everything at middle-aged indian women, they're leaving out the rest of the planet with their hardware.

  2. Good Review on sharing many open different angle views.

    My own experiences using 2 weeks Surface Pro X, and MS Surface Pro 7 core I 5

    Before having MS Surface Pro X , I bought SF pro 7, it is working well and fast. After 2-3 weeks, I had to buy another one computer, I had to give SF pro 7 to my college to work continue 1 week for urgent adhoc many reports requested by customer.

    Then I have to buy another surface for my parallel works on presenting, office and web browsing, traveling several places.

    when I saw SF Pro X firstly open in Microsoft Big Event and later in the MS shop seller, I was very impressed on very nice improved design and functions of MS Surface Pro X.
    Design look the best among the nowadays tablet, and smart ultra traveling notebook .
    13” screen is good for views.
    Quality of screen and sound and video were much improved than older pro version.

    So, I have gone through studying a lot from Surface Pro X reviews, both on their MS own website and third opinions.

    Most of reviewers, youtubers focused only performance and limitation on new ARM processor, those said many problems on negative about Surface pro X.

    So I think, I should try and explore more details by myself on this Product, because…
    I don't want to have 2 surface similar. I wanna try different.
    And I believe inner inside that,
    "MS team must have some good reasons to launch something new by new chipset with this ARM".

    There should be reason good enough to go for ARM with this product. I like thing about starting of AI feature on this SQ1 chip.

    “After hearing other, better to try with your own experiences.” …

    Then have to do my own test,
    I went to the seller Shop to do the test.
    I bring my SSD HD data containing many of files, that i regularly use to do my own real test at Surface Pro X seller shop spending almost 1-2 hours for all tests.

    I am the one who usually do the works on MS office.
    I do reports with MS word, one file size could be more than 100 MB.
    At the same time I would do multiple tasks, opening Excel sheet picking up several data financial and analysis technical data several sheet calculating.
    Moreover , I am doing at the same time opening 10-15 pages pdf file parallel with doing slide presentation with power point that containing tons of high definition of pictures and videos.

    While doing all above I am opening many windows of web browsers,
    doing search internet data.
    One can be email on gmail, one is opening youtube music for relaxing,
    anothor one could be working on email,
    another one monitoring stock and gold price, ready to buy and sell.

    While I am testing, I open my presentation slide made of MS power point, that is quite big size of 400 MB. With lot of HD pic and Video embed on it to test the severe case.

    All of working windows, I open through my SSD HD connected via USB C port because Testing SF Pro x at the shop is demo machine.

    All that programs and open windows as mentions above on test are working very well.
    While doing all many tasks on Pro X as all above I mentioned, opening 100 MB with MS word doing report, opening youtube 4 K, opening several files (excel, pdf documents, edge browsers surfing more than 10 pages web browsing ) to copy data to creating report, and also at the same time doing that quite big size 400 MB slide presentation.

    Result is that, MS Surface pro X is working smooth without any problem, working fast, honestly to say that it is slower a bit comparing to surface pro 7 core i5 256 RAM, as I said, the one I gave to my college for working on writing reporting .

    (I would say that Microsoft Pro X, at the shop, is the one that skilled seller just update lasted programs, software and firmware, I guess many things and problems were fixed.)

    Web browsing and Movie on Youtube are working very well with impressive quality.
    See clear on big screen,
    Nice details with full High Definition,
    Resolution is almost 4 K movies with fine and smooth through my eyes.
    The sound and movie are showing on Surface Pro X are very IMPRESSIVE.
    The sound is not as good as iPad Pro , but it is really good enough to enjoy the entertainment.

    The outlook of SF Pro X design is very impressive, pretty much beautiful.
    The handling, carrying Surface Pro x is very suited for traveling people like me, while I am going out to give lecture and consulting to students and customers.

    Due to the working style and my age, I don't mind much about gaming performance, because I do not have much time left for games.
    I used to be a game lover when I was young, but after coming to some old age, I gradually fade off it.

    Photos and Videos I usually take and work simply by iphone and ipad.
    So Adobe Photoshop and A Illustrator or A Premiere were never used on this Surface.
    But heard that in a few months, Adobe team is working on to develop those photo apps to be compatible on ARM.

    MS Edge and Edge Canery developed for ARM is working very smooth and fast.
    So that is enough support for me to choose this computer, MS SF PRO X.

    So, I made decision to buy Surface PRO X.

    New MS PEN is used for many comfort functions.
    It is really work for noting, drawing very good ergonomic and smooth use.

    After buying,
    This MS Surface Pro X had been tested, opening files, working all day and night.
    Even I take rest sleeping, but computer had to be opened , because continuing work on many data files.
    This SF had to keep running open to finish more than 3 reports, the Due Diligence reports for customer in 2 weeks. Each report size is more than 60-90 MB and has more than 100 pages.
    So the long time test had proven its reliability and stability.

    I would say this Surface Pro X is very best suited for me.
    Nice Design, very lightweight, look smart when presenting work to customerss,
    Good for web surfing and browsing data, watching movies in Youtube.

    People use different computers for their different purposes and experiences,
    select the one that fit to you.

    I do like one the Pro X machine.
    When it is working such a long time, it is notices that this machine is not as heat as SF pro 7 ,
    I think because of lower power (watt) used in ARM processor.

    All above mentioned, I do love this MS Surface Pro X.
    Its designs, functions, and features are very fascinating one.

  3. Maybe they should stop courting ARM processor maker…

    And i suspect the Surface was designed and marketed by ex-Apple staff.

  4. Stop trying to run Windows on ARM.

    Instead optimize i9s and i7s to run Android as a system OS rather than having to emulate it.

    Tired of being forced to use Apple Products due to lack of options.

  5. Wow I am so lucky that the guy at the electronics store knew what he was talking about. I went down to get a surface pro 7 and saw the more beautiful pro x for just a few hundred extra so I asked what's better about the pro. He told me pretty much what was said in the video and luckily he knew that it's only 32 bit and steered me away from it. I couldn't imagine how angry I would have been to realise that most of the programs you specifically buy this device for do not work or are extremely glitchy. Why in the hell would Microsoft sacrifice so much for appearance..

  6. You get more value from just getting a 16gb intel i7 surface pro 7. It’s already as thin as it is and runs better than usual work computers

  7. This seems like such a waste of money. Why spend a thousand dollars to not run basic windows programs well? Or 64bit programs at all?

  8. Running x86 code on arm is a terrible idea. Apple managed a processor change in the past because powerPC, like arm, is a risc architecture. x86 meanwhile is a cisc architecture.

    Basically. An x86 can in theory run arm code near the speed of an actual arm processor because you're more likely to have a situation where one CPU instruction in arm maps to one equivalent CPU instruction in x86.

    Meanwhile, an arm chip might have to execute two or more instructions to get the same output a x86 chip would've gotten with a single instruction. Meaning the arm chip needs to run almost twice as fast to keep up.

  9. Don't do it Microsoft! Stay with the X86 platform. Consumers will always turn to Android on ARM. It's a horrible idea to reinvent the wheel.

  10. I hope that Surface Pro 8 will have the form factor of SPX. That would be ideal. ARM CPU on Windows just doesn't cut it for me. I need X64 apps for work. For home use, I can live with SPX if it can run Android apps natively.

  11. It seems… absolutely useless compared to previous generations. It's maybe "more powerful" but that means nothing when you can't run apps natively.

  12. Everyone's shitting on this now but honestly it's more a problem of software than hardware. Arm is the future whether you like it or not. x86 is a holdover from an older time.

  13. WHY god WHY? No headphone jack,  no type a usb.   I'll take a thicker device with a bigger battery to have those ports.
    No native Win32/Win64 x86 will kill Microsoft legacy apps there by leaving any other OS as direct competitor. just look at the mess with windows 7 that people are paying to have it extended because of issues with windows 10.

  14. people are shitting on this. but dont understand the point. surface is a testing platform. its a vision for the future and this is making great strides for that

  15. It's not a slap in the face to Intel whatsoever.
    ARM processor co-developed between Microsoft and Qualcomm
    I guess you thought nobody does any fact checking.

  16. If you're buying this piece of shit you'd also have a piece of shit Bluetooth headphones to go with it, you are a consumer you think it's better because it's more expensive you're wrong. Lollll but don't stop that from buying this it would be good for students as they won't be able to run anything at all but productivity apps.

  17. If the version with the specs (and pen and all) of the 1800 priced option would cost 700 max, we could talk, then it would be a quite nice offering, sure, still not able to run desktop apps and games (well or at all, case by case), but at that price point for that package, yeah, something i'd totally buy for the living room over some other options. But that the option which is halfway reasonable in functionality and cool in differentiators (pen etc) costs that much that it has to compete in price against full proper laptops which can run all desktop apps and games? Yeah, total no go then.

    but hey, they are stepwise getting closer, while this still does not convince me at functionality for this price, it is for sure a massive step up from the Surface RT.

  18. ARM may be the inevitable architecture that takes over x86 in the consumer space, but we're probably 10 years away at minimum for that.

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