The Best VR Headset… got BETTER!?

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The Best VR Headset... got BETTER!? 1
The Best VR Headset... got BETTER!? 2
The Best VR Headset... got BETTER!? 3
The Best VR Headset... got BETTER!? 4
The Best VR Headset... got BETTER!? 5

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  1. Wireless video to the Quest is 1 way. The controller needs to be sent wirelessly as input to the PC and back to the Quest, twice as “far” hence the perceived latency I think.

  2. In that cube game… you can use both your hands – not just one. And you can also rotate the cube the pieces fit. You didn't do either of those… making it nearly impossible.

  3. That black wall you are seeing is not because of the streaming. Its just the computer not being able to keep up

  4. So now people buy a vr headset and upgrade to a pc for better graphics later instead of buying a pc first and buying a vr headset later. that’s it now I want one.

  5. Dude I'm just confused and need help I wanna pc that can run games like halo 5, gears 5, and gta 5 with ease and also to run vr games like gorn and etc and I'm so confused with all the building and I really need help if y'all know like the cheapest options for cases , motherboards and processors and what are good websites to buy from with options to customize it later than I will he appreciative my budget is like 700 Max for the pc and vr head set wise not sure the only thing I have is a key board and mouse because I has a laptop

  6. I was debating what to buy after selling my CV1. The next gen stuff seems more gen 1.5, so I went with the Quest. Intending to use it in stand-alone mode for the more movement based arcadey stuff, and then hook it to my PC for flight sims, Elite Dangerous, and such seated experiences that aren't so fast pased and don't require accurate controller tracking as I'll be using a HOTAS setup. Then once some true next gen stuff comes out I can keep the Quest for mobile gaming 😉

  7. But oculus quest with the link cable is the same as the rift s except that the rift s is not so expensive as the quest because the link cable is expensive

  8. Hey i need help just tell me what to buy if you have both rift s and quest then comment witch 1 is best in your opinion i dont know witch 1 to buy

  9. Link doesnt support the minimum GTX 970 anymore… I had to buy a USB-C card and a new video card to make it work… check requirements before you spend that $80

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