The best way to clean a keyboard is… the DISHWASHER?

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27 Comments on “The best way to clean a keyboard is… the DISHWASHER?”

  1. I am sorry to ruwin this but there is something called Multifoam (non conductive foam spray) which dissolve almost any dirt and stains. So after spraying it and leting it work you just use a compressor to blow everything out. For disinfection you can spray them with 95% ethanol.

  2. Started watching Linus's videos for laptop decisions, information and explanations now I'm watching what I see as a electronic learned gentleman putting electronic items in a dish watcher. Ahem Subscribe button clicked.

  3. When I cleaned mine I removed all the buttons and put them in a jar with some cleaning solution my mom uses and shook it very hard and I also unscrewed the keyboard and cleaned the plastic with water and solution using a toothbrush and I can’t complain. It looks as good as new and it was really old and dirty

  4. I expected dishwasher to rip at least some keys in process but final result doesn't seem that bad. Now your hair bits trapped in keyboard are clean!

  5. This is ancient practice, I think my first use was pre-PS/2. Use a toothpick or other thin thingie, run it between all the keys to catch and withdraw the hair. Paperclip can also work well to catch things. Then use compressed air to blow out the chunks. Then dishwasher, top rack, flat with keys facing downward, maybe tape plastic wrap to the top to minimize ingress of water into the case.

    As far as bacterial count … who cares? It's your keyboard, so it's covered in your bacteria, so it's not going to cause you problems in the first place. It's other people's keyboards you have to worry about.

  6. Based on the warranties alone, 'Corsair' is the only company to buy hardware from. Peripherals, memory, coolers, cases, everything they make.

  7. i clean mine by q-tip and isopropanol, also dishwasher theoretically will not hurt them so long as they are dry when you power them back on

  8. Two weeks before my warranty runs out I'll run it through the dishwasher, and if it doesn't work I will return it after it's dry. Knowing the lazy guys at my local electronics store they'll give me a full refund lmao

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