The CRAZY laptop manufacturer you've never heard of…

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The CRAZY laptop manufacturer you've never heard of... 1
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  1. I have this laptop brand since the end of 2013 and never runned into any problems truly an insane company and perfomance on this laptop even from back then still today runs like new and sounds like a jet too amazing <3 Clevo Horize series.

  2. Haha, Clevo has been the best kept secret in my arsenel for well over a decade. It is my go to for any bare bones build. You save quite a bit of money and often get a vastly better laptop. Especially because you can put a desktop CPU in it along with actually good ram, SSD/M.2/drive options, it was also the first laptop to offer dual mobile GPU options. It will always be the best option and you should never buy anything but Clevo unless you like throwing money in the trash. At least when it comes to desktop replacement, not much experience with the lighter weight options and not sure why you would go Clevo for them with all of the other options unless they have really come a long way in the last few years.

  3. you say that the 75W batery laptop is a SCHENKER VIA 14 but that is false…
    can you tell where to find that laptop?
    or can you make a review of that laptop??

    it seams great!

  4. My first laptop that came with Ubuntu preinstalled as the OS was a rebranded Clevo model. It still holds up well enough for what I use it for 6-7 years later, it's just a little chunky.

  5. Haha fuck no, don't get a Clevo. Their hinges may be metal, but they're screwed into brass inserts that are set into thin plastic sockets. Those sockets will break after two years, give or take a year, leaving you with a floppy hinge and a laptop that is literally falling apart at the hinges. Furthermore, their firmware locks the GPU clock down ridiculously low if you're on battery power, with no way to change this. Mine also had a bloated battery after one year that actually bulged so bad I had to replace it as it was warping the trackpad.

  6. What the hell I got an ad for pulseway which stars linus… with a stupid ass haircut. But that's not important. I got even ANOTHER ad on this video.

  7. Real quick, chance is something you want, like a chance to win the lottery
    In contrast risk is something you don't want, like say the risk of backlight bleeding
    English doesn't have to be your first language to get that right

  8. didn't know of their brand directly but know about the re-seller model. i have the wallmart resold Teng feng laptop. Love it but would love this one alot more !

  9. Currently using a Clevo NB50TK1, and it's awesome.

    GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
    2x8GB 2666MHz
    120GB SSD
    1TB HDD
    120Hz IPS

    All for only $700, really good stuff. Cooling is also very satisfactory.

  10. My 17" clevo with dual graphics and raid M.2 is five and half years old and still using it for everything. I only needed to get a new battery. Laptop by Xotic!

  11. In the not too distant future, we're going to look back at all these silly designs with the useless 16:9 screens and fat bottom bezels and wonder WTH panel manufacturers and ODMs were thinking. The ones in this video are already not ageing well, and they are not even out. Also, notched phone displays.

  12. Looks pretty similar to my lenovo legion, best laptop I've owned by far (except for microsoft fucking up the audio with an update), never had a problem with banging it around and dropping it a few times by accident.

  13. He seems like someone who easily diffuses anger and resolves conflict in high stress situations. I can see why linus hired him for stuff: his voice. Id like to hear him rap.

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