The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down!

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The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down! 1
The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down! 2
The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down! 3
The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down! 4
The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down! 5

27 Comments on “The Gaming PC that Cools YOU down!”

  1. Was anyone wanting the dye on to suck out the heat from the motherboard? I thought that was the point of the video.

  2. This thing does NOT cool. There's no heat exchange with the outside, so any power it consumes get's transformed into heat that goes into the room. It might blow cool air but the net effect is still an increased temperature in the room.

  3. I know sponsors pay the bills, but this is still quite a stretch to make work in the channel. They must really pay well. Still, thumbs down.

  4. I KNEW IT!!!!! This thing, the Dyson, just SCREAMED 'PC case'. Unlike the 2013 Mac Pro, which totally screamed 'waste basket'. Next thng you know, Dyson will start designing….. overdesigning…. pc cases….. hey, i'd buy one.

  5. if anybody can help i just brought my first gaming pc for about 1200 bucks about 2 weeks ago. Somehow I got corrupted files, my computer keeps shutting down and turns blue with a sideways frowning face. That says PFN LIST CORRUPTION. I went through command prompt and tried to fix it but it says that some files were fixed and the computer wasnt able to fix the other corrupted files.

  6. That's just a small PC with a Dyson stuck on top, hardly an integration. Could've just put it on top of a cardboard box…

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