The PROBLEM with 5G mmW…

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The PROBLEM with 5G mmW... 1
The PROBLEM with 5G mmW... 2
The PROBLEM with 5G mmW... 3
The PROBLEM with 5G mmW... 4
The PROBLEM with 5G mmW... 5

41 Comments on “The PROBLEM with 5G mmW…”

  1. So if you want the truth through all the bull-crap, watch this on 5G. Straight out of the mouth of the guy who installs the towers. The science of it is the first 5 minutes or so. The scary part comes after that…watch to the end You're welcome

  2. I tried to come up with a witty quote about how 95% percent of the viewers of this video lack the most basic of knowledge on how mobile networks work. Why 5G has nothing to do with 5GHz (as Linus even told you right here in this video *bangs head on table*) – and yet almost everyone is absoultly certain they know why 5G will fail…

    "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

  3. You were literally right outside my job! I so wish I knew you were in NYC at the time! I will have to buy you lunch next time you are in town!

  4. Just FYI the 5G icon is only shown when a data request is made, so if no data is being used it will just show LTE. Also mmW is meant for highly populated areas because it has a lot of bandwidth. T-Mobile’s 600mhz 5G does have really good coverage, however the speed is only a tad bit faster than LTE

  5. Legit question I want opinions from all do you guys think data and phone providers are gonna ever merge into one and if so how soon

  6. T-mobile: sponsors 5G

    also T-mobile: decides not to upgrade so that their old outdated networks so that their 4g and vdsl bonding can deliver slower speeds than just 4g in itself.

    Have fun downloading the new modern warfare for more than half a day.

    In Korea, 5G communication is cut off from time to time, and in some regions it does not work at all. If the 5G network is disconnected, the network itself cannot be accessed

  8. "And it'll even work indoors" pfft, who cares about that? Everyone should be able to make sacrifices for that sweet sweet 5G

  9. Was hoping you would cover the health concerns with 5G. That is why I voted this video down and will be less like to trust your videos in the future(And I have been one of your long time subscribers).

  10. Bro not to mention that 5G towers are taking up weathers service’s bandwidths so we may start getting way less accurate weather reports if we have too many people on 5G at the same time

  11. Here's the fundamental problem with 5G – at 1Gbit/s it would take me less than 2 minutes to burn through my entire data cap. Speed is no good if you can't afford to use it.

  12. is this going to solve the problem with delayed SMS or crappy indoor reception? Of course not, screw peasants and their old, notchless, LTE capable devices.

  13. out of interest what would this be used for? is tethering a big thing in usa? I only know of a few networks that do unlimited tethering in the UK. I personally don't have an issue with 4g speeds

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