The realme X2 Pro surprised me.

Unboxing and Review of the Realme X2 Pro – in my opinion the best Smartphone the company has…

The realme X2 Pro surprised me. 1
The realme X2 Pro surprised me. 2
The realme X2 Pro surprised me. 3
The realme X2 Pro surprised me. 4
The realme X2 Pro surprised me. 5

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  1. I have a realme X2 pro and I can assure you, the screen looks much better than It does on this vídeo. The performance compared with an iPhone 11 Pro os way better in almost every app we have tried but on rendering vídeos. This phone is just a beast.

  2. The phone getting hot is the whole point of the heatpipe. That means it's working. It can't magically remove heat from the processor. It moves it outside of the phone more efficiently.

  3. not to hate…but realme is really sparking a nerve…its basically like that game Raid : Shadow Legends, the ads are freakin everywhere…its driving me nuts….dare to leap? i would leap within a heartbeat just to get away from the overwhelming amount of advertising from realme.. morning country here, the volume of advertising for this brand is soooooooooooo much….i dont care what people are gonna say…Xiaomi is still my main driver…

  4. I will be looking into the X2 Pro more.
    The charging speed.. The processor speed.. The storage speed of the X2 Pro makes me want one for my next daily driver.. I'm usually a Huawei man, but after buying my Mate 10 Pro and getting only one update in two years of ownership, I'm thinking it is time to phase them out of my life. It's also to the point where a full charge gets me only 3/4 of a day when the Mate 10 Pro used to go 1½ days before needing to be recharged. Battery degradation seems to be like global warming. No one wants to believe it, but it's there.

    The special edition X2 Pro with 12Gb ram and 256Gb storage is looking like the best option for me.

  5. Even the Realme 5 which I am using right now is really great in value! Snapdragon 665, 5000 mah battery capacity, 4gb/128gb, Quad camera setup, splash resistant for only 195 dollars (9990 pesos in the Philippines.)!!! Realme is killing it.

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