The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think…

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The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think... 1
The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think... 2
The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think... 3
The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think... 4
The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think... 5

50 Comments on “The RGB HDMI cable ISN'T as dumb as you'd think…”

  1. there would be an rgb led in each end do those 4 cables may be from the power injector so if mhl is not accepted both ends get power from the micro usb and it my be a console port for the ic's at a guess

  2. Actually you are right, It can be usefull to color code the cable, it is expensive to do it this way though… I got a 3 monitor setup running into multiple pipe to covert the cable, when I get a black screen I never know which one is the faulty one… I will start color coding the cable, but I will surely not get rgb cable since I already cover them to prevent them from dingling around

  3. I'll be honest, I thought this was the dumbest think going when bitwit reviewed it. I hadn't considered using it to trace from one end to the other in a rat's nest of cables though. That could be genuinely useful. That said, as I'm not made of money, I'm still probably just going to label my connectors on cheap cables anyways.

  4. “Now we need to game on it.”
    -“Gaming” chair
    -“gaming” cable
    -“gaming” mouse
    -“gaming” keyboard
    -“gaming” table
    -“gaming” pc
    -gaming console

  5. Genuinely curious.. but I have two different hdmi cable on hand.. and one of them gives me a very grainy picture. Ppl all say hdmi either works, or doesn't. So why the grainy picture?

  6. linus this is world class money wasteing. There are colored HDMI cable in existance or colored tape to mark cables. Or the money wasteing way, what if you don't use HDMI but have display port?

  7. Fibre may or may not be quicker but over 10 feet you would need a nuclear weapons grade lab to measure it Also that does not take into account the fibre to copper conversion at each end which is going to eat speed

  8. i wonder if you might want to just grind the plastic casing on stuff off with a dremel tool, instead of hammering stuff all the time

  9. People buy hdmi cables? Don’t they just throw a handful in with every tv and game station? I literally have a box of them at home and bins upon bin at work.

  10. It’s as dumb as we think, and this is just an ad. It’s a digital signal, and there’re no ICs inside the cable involving the signal(unlike Apple cables). So the cable quality doesn’t matter. “They’re being honest” doesn’t mean that the product is not stupid.

  11. When the title said RGB HDMI cable, I though it was an "RGB to HDMI" cable which would have been impressive as RGB is an OLD analog "signal". Could be great for someone who still has some betamax equipment. If that person was still alive.

  12. I wish I would've know about Directional HDMI cables. was troubleshooting a laptop connected to a projector for a Air Force Wing level Commanders Call (think the whole base) after 15 minutes of troubleshooting some guy walks by, see sources and display on the cable and I died a little.

  13. I don't get the infatuation with RGB lighting.
    Does it make you a better gamer or create a more productive work environment?

  14. Got me one, I love it! Fixed all my frame rate, black out and lag issues. Definitely made my pro come to life.

  15. What's the point of an RGB HDMI cable if you're not going show it around? You can't really show the connection parts because they're connected to stuff and so you have to use the weaker middle part

  16. And Linus' RGB addiction continues… There is no way I would spend that kind of money on a friggin video cable…sorry. I have a $20 HDMI cable on my 4k tv that I have been using for years with no lag and no video artifacts.

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