The Truth About Latercase

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  1. Latercase – ($10 off for next 24 hours)

    If you were an early adopter you will see the $10 refund in your inbox.

    I realize this is a long video, the aim was to cover everything surrounding the launch of Latercase. If you feel that something was not answered/missed please leave a comment below this post. Please watch the entire video before commenting there's a good chance your question is covered.

  2. Holy shit, this guy dared to jump into a game that already has 70 gazillian people all “copying” off each other in some way?! What nerve he has to come up with his own personal version of a case! How much damn “innovation” is left when it comes to phone cases?? NONE! Grow the fuck up people! I’m going to go buy a Latercase right now just to piss off all you whiney little beyotches! Case closed.

  3. This was 30 minutes of excuses to try to explain around the situation and make a "good face" instead of a sincere apology… and it's so obvious given what happened. It reminds me so much of scripted politician speeches. It's true there is a cost to manufacturing but that doesn't explain the intellectual property criticism, which was the main criticism anyway — nobody was complaining that the case was "cheap to manufacture". Then he made a huge deal that it was for specific models such as the Pixel — another excuse. Furthermore, he explained that the takedown was due to his videos being used as advertising — but his other videos are also used as advertising, and why take it down on that specific date? It's too bad that I actually had respect for the guy before… sigh.

  4. I have the case now in Australia and it's good but it does absorb scents, like sweat, cigarette smell and the likes. I guess it's a byproduct give or take due to the more raw open carbon fibre design which in turn allows more grip and texture , which is great ,but has the downside of allowing grit and scent in against a cover that has a less porous substrate.

  5. I agree with what you saying i try all kinds of case i thinks this one is perfect i did voted on one plus. I just bought mine i will do a a vidoe on it. say what i think about it. To be honest cant wait to try it out and 40 bucks and no sipping that not expansive at all at t mobile i bought a case for my wife cost 80. So well see when i get it. Thanks

  6. This is just how “clickbait words harmed yourself” so the life lesson is don’t go overboard with your own words, afraid it’s going to eat you later. Peace ✌🏻

  7. Definitely get a good comprehensive and meaningful logo. Other than that everything else about this is absolutely phenomenal. Keep at it Lew!

  8. Its just really funny to me how society is prepared to spend 1000 dollars on a phone or more. But then moan about 45dollars for a case 😂
    I guess its better to spend 2 dollars or 12 for cheap plastic and then 300 if the phone breaks. I need to take notes

  9. Hey Lew great work as usual bud. One day you should design a thicker case for those who love protecting there phones but with same texture and smoothness of your thin cases. Anyway keep posting videos all guys work hard.

  10. Hello, ordered a case for my OnePlus 7 Pro and can't wait to get it, unbox it review it, and also I hope this will be the first case in Croatia, but not the last. 🙂

  11. Bro fuck that ceo…. It's a phone case BRO …A phone case like what the fuck ….let them make what he wants if he can afford to

  12. Just bought a case not only bc I like the case but I want to support you and what you are doing been watching you for years and you are so full of knowledge thank you Lew and keep it up

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