This Prototype PC Blew our Minds

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This Prototype PC Blew our Minds 2
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26 Comments on “This Prototype PC Blew our Minds”

  1. Liking and commenting everyday untill I get noticed, linus has so much surplus stock at which he would consider to be 'dead' 'outdated' which would still kick ass over the computer I have built for free and which I could afford!! Please Linus help a brother out as said from one of your videos on scrap yard wars…. ' if you ever wanted to pass it forward and help a brother out' day 5

  2. Linus, why did you say that an RTX 2070 Super is too much for a Ryzen 5 3600? I'm just confused, as I've seen a lot of people and manufactures using this very setup. In what settings/situations is this CPU GPU combo not suitable?

  3. Linus is known for making Paid Reviews, but this thing is useless. If anything breaks, u HAVE TO buy it from the manufacture – and cant buy spare parts, where u want…that suxx.

  4. My dream is to build a pc inside a sort of home made jet turbine the most efficient air cooling. Also with mini levers to simulate a kind of pre flight chek before turning on the pc

  5. I believe that 'gigantic adapter' might be for some kind of international AC converter… meaning the power cord they're using may not be made for a US wall socket and they had to slap an adapter on it to convert it to the US standard.

  6. PS this thing seems to be standing vertically. Looks quite cool! I think matt black would make it look even sicker!

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