THIS Replaced Every PC in my House!

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THIS Replaced Every PC in my House! 1
THIS Replaced Every PC in my House! 2
THIS Replaced Every PC in my House! 3
THIS Replaced Every PC in my House! 4
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  1. Those boxes and cables and fancy wall plates.. cost more than an extra full on games rig to “enthusiasts” (his rateing system).
    Let alone loading up a system that will cost more than each individual system.
    This is why we moved away from central service a while ago..
    Dumb and wasteful

  2. If you think fiber is expensive or fragile then you are buying from the wrong place.
    Also that's OM3 or OM4 cable which is more commonly plastic.
    On this comes out at approx $1.6/meter.
    However they are also installing the wrong tyke of cable. There is special installation fiber for these use cases.

  3. Honestly, you are out of reality to say it’s a viable build, not to say cost effective… 1.7k just for USB hub (gould build better gaming PC for this price instead of your stupid VM, VM are not meant for this anyhow) – are you bannanas? It’s not if enthusiast grade, it just plain stupid grade… Stupid setup in all ways, and it sends wrong message about you. Cheers…

  4. Defending your POC practices? Lol I remember watching you stack gpus to the ceiling during the 6 editors 1 cou build lol

  5. Quick tip for fishing lines through walls. Back when I was a field tech doing wall drops. We would take a center conductor from the cable line, and Pierce the ceiling as close to the wall as possible. Any thin Rigid wire will do. So when we were in the attic walking, crawling, commando crawling we could feel the wire. Even when it's dark we could still feel it, if it's long enough.

    Apologies if this was already stated, I scrolled through and didn't see it.

  6. What is he going to do with all the older machines, especially the Living room and His gaming PC which he just upgraded 2 months ago?

  7. A 2080 over here a 2080 over there and a bunch of "lousy" 2070s . I just ……….. Adopt me pls, I photosynthesis and is basically a plant so no hassel.

  8. If each user/workstation needs their own GPU, and a certain amount of physical RAM inside the server, and the costly fiber extension box (instead of a PC box but costs almost the same), I don't see any real savings here except the ability to share storage that is directly connected to the server (so it's faster from storage to the CPU). However, if the main server goes down everybody goes down.

  9. Hey, so i was wondering. Is it possible to do a single PC with running VR and or full peripheral support like in this video but for only one user at a time. Instead of doing it like this, is it possible to do one of these setups over the network instead?

  10. Pegasus is generally not pronounced by English speakers "peg-ah-soos". Maybe the Taiwanese folks who prescribed the way the name of their company should be pronounced did not know this.

  11. Attach a PULL STRING to the end of the fish tape, then use the string to pull the wires through. And double up on the number of cables being pulled. you will use them eventually.

  12. Instrucions unclear. Accidentaly connected the 4 gpu's to a duo core pc. It made a blackhole when I turned it on and all the gpu's are gone.

  13. @9:36 so in order to save on the number of cumputer by running everything of one 1 server, you buy 1,703.00 $'s worth of fiber extenders. OK.

  14. Fusing or making sc connectors helps premade wires suck m3 makes a kit to make ends helps a lot or fiber splice

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