This weird thing made my phone faster…

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This weird thing made my phone faster... 1
This weird thing made my phone faster... 2
This weird thing made my phone faster... 3
This weird thing made my phone faster... 4
This weird thing made my phone faster... 5

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  1. I imagine it's something like this would be more effective if it contacted the aluminum / metal body of the phone. Glass does not transfer heat very well.

  2. I live where it's above 40c for most of the year and I'm outside for a lot of my phone S10 usage time, my games play just fine, and if I feel if the phone is getting a bit toasty for my liking I put it in the FREEZER for a few minutes, while I make a coffee or water the plants or use the toilet, but I think a copper or copper Aluminium combo slide on low profile heat sink phone case would work pretty well with that very thin thermal tape that you see inside laptops in between the phone and the low profile heat sink 👍🇦🇺

  3. I have this product for 5month…not useful for gamer Its heat up behind phone which heat up your finger and goes to your thumb in front.. (sweaty finger)so its not practical

  4. Yea the phone coolers are a cool idea but you know what’s an even cooler idea…

    That iMac g4 lamp thing you got in the back

  5. I throw my old pos S7 in the freezer when it gets hot. I dont game, but when I use the camera it starts getting hot and glitchy. Put it in the freezer for a few mins and then take it out when I'm ready to use it.

  6. Same as Brandon "you have to plug it in?", why would I get this if I can get an USB desk fan that will do the same thing or better?

  7. I remember, it was either my Samsung Focus (My first smartphone!) or my Galaxy S4, the screen would get uncomfortably warm when playing games for more than 10 minutes. I haven't had that problem on any phone since.

  8. Just make a case with a thin rad on it and a fan. Then have the cases thermal pad touch each phones typical hot spots since you’re making a custom case for each phone anyways. A little more weight, but whatever still better than this.

  9. The half inch by half inch squared would only need to make the depth of the phone slightly thicker to do this. The software could be used to use best case cooling technology to optimize the battery life and keep temperature down but cpu performance up.

  10. I have the red magic and since the home you buttons were up on it the fan wasn't running it was not in gaming mode so Linus played himself

  11. Adding a small fan to the CPU/GPU like a laptop with thermal paste would have a effect on the temperature of the fan with a small exhaust system. The exhaust system could still be water proof for not much more. The exhaust holes wouldn’t need to be more than the head of a pin but a lot of them around the hottest parts of the phone. The length of the phone would only need to be an half inch by half inch squared to add this

  12. Id rather have a bulky phone that does what i need it to do than a slim piece of metal and glass that overheats and shatters if you look at it wrong

  13. If the cooler was attached to the s10+ screen it might be more effective. I know that the heat pipes inside the phone actually make contact with the lcd housing and do not touch the back of the phone at all. Check out a tear down video if curious.

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