Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!!

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Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!! 1
Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!! 2
Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!! 3
Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!! 4
Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!! 5

32 Comments on “Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!!”

  1. How about giving all those drives away when you've made your point. Let me know where to send my address for my free drive 🙂

  2. The wife has a point, You have years of footage available and categorized on youtube to download and use when you need reference footage and sound bytes, which, after a finished project is uploaded is the only use for it at that point. Once a project is finished, you should be at least deleting the unused and or bad cuts and archiving the final project. We are basically using live stream as our video archive at this point since we just can't keep enough open hard drive space available. With 4k footage, every ounce of hard drive space is needed and you guys are using 8k. I mean it's your money, and obviously, the ad sense from this video alone will probably cover most of the server, it just seems like you can get an intern to rifle thru it

  3. Unboxing that much storage in front of your average PC enthusiasts is like eating a 20-table buffet in front starving people.

  4. In the future, students will look back at this the same way that we look back at piles of punch cards which amounted to megabytes of data in total.
    "Wow, 3 petabytes took up so much space, we have that for our CPU cache these days"

  5. THIS is the perfect example for the difference between "Pro" and "Enterprise"…
    But seriously (and I know this has been asked before) Why don't you use tape storage? I mean you could offload footage automatically to a tape library after a specified time period. This would also be waaay cheaper in the long term (because I know it's not going to stay at 3PB).

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