Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2

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Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2 1
Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2 2
Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2 3
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31 Comments on “Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2”

  1. *Disclaimer – This is an unusual product from an unusual place. There are more questions than answers. Proceed with caution.

  2. Well why don't they make a Hitler or Osama Bin Laden themed Samsung S20 Ultra? Escobar murdered people as well without giving a shit but no let's make and review a phone on him 👌

  3. my only concern is the software part of the phone. they could have inserted spy-ware. especially when you see how the phone boot directly without set up process as well as changing the wallpaper. don't trust it unless it is clear that it is safe.

  4. "Like a fold"
    It is an actual fold. The CEO said that they bought returned, overstocked and folds which failed samsung QC and are reselling them. Its supposed to be a promotion for the Escobar 3 which is supposedly an In house developed phone (not foldable)

  5. Gotta live the First World, they wouldn't dare to talk about a product featuring Hitler but since Escobar only directly killed brown people shit it's okay and a meme in Lew words.

  6. Bro your are just awesome. U think about the things and what socks and doesn't suck u speak the truth. Like u very much bro. U are just mind blowing

  7. Other Tech youtubers: Travel across
    the world to buy electronics

    Lew: I want it

    Will: Bam there you go

  8. BTW you can peel off the gold and the Samsung logo is revealed
    They are so cheap because they buy old and returned folds and resell them

  9. There's some info coming from Germany, rumor says some people are working on a new model called something like DA-FURAR from a brand new company named 3rd Reich, CEO's company Adolf Jr confirms that this is in fact true.

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