Unique Features of Apple iPad

The iPad has some features that are unique to it that have never been seen on any digital device whatsoever. When the iPod came out, it merely created a unique viewing interface for music that took the best of what current mp3 players were offering and coalesced it into a unique device. It was not so revolutionary when it came out as much as easier to use. The iPad, however, has no predecessors and seems to be an entirely new class of device – not a laptop or a smart phone – and not just an eBook reader. How can people make sense of this advice? Many people were stunned when it first came out and didn’t know how to react. However, most audiences warmed up when they had tried one for themselves. The iPad has unique features that you can’t find anywhere else that turned these audiences onto the device for good and hooked them forever.

The iPad can read ebooks with an LCD screen so you can read at night without having to use any accessories like a book light, reading lamp, or glow stick to turn your book into something that is actually usable in bed. You won’t disturb your partner when you read in bed, and your best reading can be done anywhere because you can download books wherever you are since the iPad 3G is connected to the Internet wherever you are. Not to mention that the iPad has concentrated books from all over the world into a free section based on the Project Gutenberg website. Therefore, you can read free books from the comfort of your private digital library without any hard work whatsoever in buying them at the store, connecting your device to a computer and downloading them, or renting them from the library. This truly modern device might just bring back reading again to the masses.

There is also the movie-viewing feature. Many people on airplanes were always stuck without any good movies to watch on the long flights overseas. They had to buy the movies at home and then pop in DVD discs into their laptops to watch them on the airplane, and sometimes their battery life was so paltry that they could hardly watch anything in succession. It was infuriating to try to watch movies on a 10 hour plane flight. However, the iPad solved all these problems in one. The reason is that you could purchase movies directly from the iTunes store with a 3G-connected iPad, and you could watch them instantly with a 10-hour battery life. The battery life was an unheard of feature for a mobile device of that size, stature, and weight. Speaking of weight, it only weighs 1.5 pounds.

The iPad clearly has some features that no other media consumption device has. It opens the doors to media consumption whereas other companies just don’t get it. They don’t understand that people want access to all the media content in the world through a single device without any buttons, missing parts, or broken features. The iPad is one step along the way to this goal. The iPad may be the end goal for some people.

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