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  1. I used that flasher to repair the vbios chip on my ATI Firepro M7820. If the vbios is corrupted, the entire laptop won't boot, so that flasher was the only solution. I was able to make a good quick buck fixing two of those cards and sell my M6500 Covet.

  2. 15:05 also because they need to clean their stock warehouse. Sometimes it's easier and less expensive to sell garbage to someone else, than to dispose of it complying with environmental regulations.

  3. Yoo Linus, check out watch?v=8MOTMq9g8Nk . This guy created his own superior thermal epoxy. Maybe a colab? Or test his stuff vs conventional methods 🙂

  4. I would guess that they get rams with really low memory, and make every card have 1gb. And then they sort the chips by using more chips on the "greater one". So that's why they put 12 on the "better" and less on the others.

  5. Did buy 2 articles too good to be true on Wish, complained the day I received them, was reimbursed the same day. I'll never ever buy nothing there, 1st and last time. Already happy I did get my money back, via PayPal.

  6. My local pawn shop bought 2 1050 ti from someone who bought it from wish. Shop dint tell me and sold me both for 150$ each and they don't work and they won't retake them lol. ..

  7. hey linus…. what happens if you pour lab grade distilled deionized water on a motherboard while its running??? asking for a friend

  8. Hey linus tech tip. Just recently got a pc i7 8700k with vega 64 8 rgb fan 16 gb rgb viper rams I just wanna know if cx 600 watt is enough because my monitor keeps dying and say input signal not found. Anyone that can help me out?

  9. I'd hazard a guess that the PCB designs for these chips aren't completely original either. If the factory that's making these was ever employed in making the legit cards, I bet a lot of the diagrams and design got pilfered from those.

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