We FAILED as husbands… – Wife PC Build-Off

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We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off 1
We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off 2
We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off 3
We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off 4
We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off 5

42 Comments on “We FAILED as husbands… – Wife PC Build-Off”

  1. At least they can readily identify components like RAM, motherboard, CPU. My wife can't identify the power button.

  2. I feel like you 2 not geting any for awhile but also might be sleeping on couch😂jk we need to see more your wifes build pcs or atleast with both of you on your videos. I think it be amazing

  3. Neither of those guys wanted to go on a date without their phones. That's why they consulted so much on the scores lol. "Oh no! A tie!"

  4. Watching this hurt so much.
    For someone who lived in Turkey and just earned about 600$ per Month, it's hurt to warch this. Can't even afford their test samples.

  5. Don't be too harsh on them not trying to POST before putting the motherboard inside the case. You do that constantly too! You know you do.

  6. These guys are beautiful idiots. They're going to be on the couch for a month. God I love them. Cold showers boys… it's the champagne of victory.

  7. im at the beginning of the video and im pretty sure that linus' wife has a ryzen processor because thats an amd board and idk pls help me on that

  8. Please I think you should do this again but tell them they get deducted a point for every helpful piece of information or help they give the other

  9. thank god it was ryzen. wifeysauce wouldve totally demolisted the pins on an intel board, the way she handled that cpu

  10. LTT: makes fun of wife because of plugging an rbg switch into the wrong thing
    Me: doesnt even know where to put the graphics card

  11. I think they should have tried to start Heathers PC with the SATA cable removed. If it caused the fan to stop spinning, it could also have been the reason for not posting.

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