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41 Comments on “We FIXED a DEAD CPU!!”

  1. when you try this at home and u f up your intel 9th gen 9900K and its completly broken by knocking all the pins

    My brain Rn:you could have just called a prof

  2. Why do i lke this video so much?? I mean.. Its like 2 mins of advertisment and 20mins of Funny Failures! Damn Give me more 😉

  3. I like how the video starts with Linus saying how he is going to show us how to fix a mistake
    Then proceeds to do literally everything wrong.
    Thanks Nicholas, that was amazing.

  4. Step 1: Do it wrong

    Step 2: Do it somewhat right
    Step 3: Try if it works
    Step 4: realize chipset is wrong
    Step 5: Try another wrong one
    Step 6: Reeeeeeeee at Nicholas
    Step 7: Keep reeeeeeeeeeeing

  5. I once thought my new CPU was dead, I even bought another mainboard to check this possibility – turned out: I just forget to plug in the CPU connector…

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