What Graphics Card to Buy – Early 2020

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29 Comments on “What Graphics Card to Buy – Early 2020”

  1. Getting a ps5 instead. Want to upgrade my 970 but cards I WANT (nvidia) cost too damn much and will continue to be priced like silly for a long time. A 1080 ti trump a 1660ti? Then why was the 1660 ti even released? Makes no sense. About as anti consumer as you can get.

  2. Just grabbed me a 2080super cant justify the price difference to performance for the ti. Ill sell my 2080super and get the 3080ti when it comes out if specs are what they say.

  3. My Monitor supports g-sync. Is it worrh it to buy the 2060 super and not the 5700xt to benefit from g-sync?

  4. I recommend going on the used market and save a bunch more money. Picked up a Evga GTX 750 SC 1GB for $35. Best purchase to complete my budget gaming system for a total of $275.00 CND. Gotta love them Dell Optiplex 3020 i5 towers.

  5. After weeks of stalling around or maybe hoping the RTX 30 series would come sooner than later, I gave up. Grabbed a 2070 Super! For $500 range, and EVGA XC 2070 Super Ultra? How can you beat it? Honestly, if you are a hard core gamer with lots of money, hell waste the money on a 2080 ti. If you are average, hard to beat the 2070 Super. Not an Nvidia fan boy, but looking at scoring and price, I'm hard pressed to find better buy in 1st qtr of 2020!

  6. I wanna get a 2080Ti but the rumors of new GPU's this year is making me think about it. Should i just get one or wait to see?

  7. No one seemed to notice, but Radeon VIIs were on sale last month for about the same price as a regular 2070, and about $100 cheaper than most 2070 supers. Considering, that averaged out, the VII is almost identical in performance to a 2070 SUPER (within 3-5%), and with double the vram, that was a really good deal. Funny, no youtubers noticed it.

  8. I just upgraded from a 1060 to a 2070 super and i gotta say best i fucking love this gpu great performance and excellent temps

  9. I'm trying to determine whether or not to get a 1660 super or not because I don't have $300-$400 for a g sync monitor. 😭

  10. What if I want to buy used GTX 1080Ti for 300€-350€??? Is it wise choice?

    Disclaimer for butthurts: In my country you can buy it in great used condition for this price actually.

  11. Still rocking my 1060 6g like a boss. I havent played a game yet on 1080×1920 that its average is below 70fps. Which is fine with me because I came from consoles. So 70 fps is quite amazing to me still. I recently got really into building my rig to switch over completly to PC gaming. Updated every component brand new even down to the case itself. Still threw the 1060 in it.

  12. The 1080Ti still performs better than the 1660Ti and nearly as well as the RTX 2080Ti I’m not going to lie the 1080Ti is what you should be buying unless your a millionare

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