What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Special?

Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra
With a Snapdragon 865 and a 100X zoom on the 108 MP camera, this is the most powerful Samsung phone on the market right now!

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  1. Hi, does the samsung s20 (normal one) side is stainless still i mean look at s20 plus the side are black how about the s20 the cosmic grey is the side are grey not like a stainless color

  2. In 50-100 years from now, a smartphone camera can replace lab microscope, if there is still smartphone at that time

  3. And i seriously don't care when I'm buying 1200$ phones then I'm going totally wireless don't want to be tangled in wires

  4. No so special, after 6 months people will forget it and will talk about another smartphone, another brand and so on.

  5. why do people care so much about the camera, like every year every brand focus mostly on improving the camera…where our social medias are still struggling at uploading 1080p pictures lol

  6. Either I am getting older or that those updates are so insignificant that they dont entice me anymore! I have predicted a while ago and still think that 2023 will be the year of true new technology and innovations with all those flip phones and camera modules maturing enough.

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